Film Introductions

This is a list of some of the films I have enjoyed. To read a short introduction, click on the link.
Asterisks * are my ratings: 5=best.

Iranian Films

  • The Song of Sparrows: Iranian (Farsi) 2008: Dir: Majid Majid.****
    Iranian A man working on an ostrich farm makes several bad choices and almost unravels his life.
  • Baran: Iranian (Farsi), 2001. Dir: Majid Majid.****
    About Afghan refugees living outside Tehran. (wiki)
  • Children of Heaven Iranian, 1997. Dir: Majid Majid.****
    Touching film about a brother and sister.

German & Turkish Films

  • The Edge of Heaven: German-Turkish, 2012: **** 
  • My Heart is Mine Alone: German, 1997 *: Poet – Else Lasker-Schüler (1869-1945)
  • Run Lola Run: German, 1998 *****: Serious Groundhog day.
  • John Rabe : German, 2009: *** Germans in China WWII

  • Otomo: German, 1999: ***  about Cameroonian in Germany
  • Head-On: German-Turkish, 2004:*** about Turkish workers struggles. (IMDb)

Japanese Films

  • Departures : Japanese, 2008  ***** : About a funeral director.  One of my absolute favorites!
  • Oshoshiki (The Funeral): Japanese, 1984
  • Tampopo (Dandelion): Japanese, 1985 comedy about noodle shop
  • ALL of Hayao Miyazaki Films!  *****
  • Grave of the Fireflies (Hotaru no Haka) 1988, Japanese Anime: ***** director Isao Takahata. An amazing anti-war film from one of the Japanese towns where I use to live. The dark history from such a bright down made me feel deeply. (wiki)

Indian Films

Chinese Films

Mongolian Films (gorgeous language)

  • The Story of the Weeping Camel: Mongolian, 2003. by Byambasuren Davaa. Wiki  Wonderful!
  • The Cave of the Yellow Dog: Mongolian, 2005. by Byambasuren Davaa. Wiki  Loved it!
  • Mongol: The Rise of Genghis Khan : Mongolian, 2007. Superb!

Israeli Films

  • Ushpizin: Israel-Hebrew & Yiddish 2004 ***** : about a conservative Jewish couple during the Succoth festival.
  • Footnote: Israel-Hebrew, 2011. a bit cerebral, neurotic and long but mildly enjoyed. (wiki)

Saudi Films

  • Wadjda: Arabic, 2012  ***** : a girl’s goal to get a bicycles against the odds of sexism and religion in Saudia Arabia.  I can’t believe this film was made in Saudi Arabia.

French Films

  • The Intouchables: French, 2011.  Quadriplegic & his African caretaker. (IMDB)
  • Monsieur Ibrahim French, 2003 *****. Turkish sufi befriends a young man.

Spanish Films

Other Foreign Films

  • Yesterday: South African (Zulu), 2004: AIDS
  • The Man without a Past : Finnish, 2002.
  • The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Swedish 2009 trilogy (wiki) – preferred the Swedish, not the American, version
  • Welese: “The Wedding” (Polish), 2004. I did not enjoy this

English Films


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