I write like …

Just because you are an atheist, doesn’t mean you are free of all superstitious thinking.  I have lately seen several atheist sites that are posting a badge like the one below.   The badge this site offers is your own personalized badge generated by an algorithm which purports to find a famous author whose writing style is most similar to yours– and, oh yeah, they sell software there too.  Of course, depending on what clip of your writing you put into the analyzer, you get different authors that all write just like you — but there are a few common ones.  Heck, it may even be a random generator output.

Even Atheists will be tempted to run to this site and find out who they write like.  They may do it half seriously, but what about that other half of their minds?  Is this the part of our minds which also feeds our attraction to divinations like:  astrology, the I-Ching, Tarot cards, philosopher-types and more?  If so, some Atheists still have superstition pathways.  Neuro-circuits do not die, they just quiet down until the right opportunity strikes.

Most importantly, however, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I must be in their database, because the badge that came out for my writing looked like this:


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15 responses to “I write like …

  1. I wondered if it was random too, so I entered the same piece twice and got the same results each time. Not exactly a scientific test, but I didn’t care enough to try more. 😉

  2. @ Mike: Did your author come out as “Sabio Lantz”?

  3. No, no one quite so distinguished. Just some Isaac Azi-something or other. 😉

  4. 1minionsopinion

    I just read that this is a scam piece of link that promotes vanity publishing companies of some kind.


    Not actually useful.

  5. 1minionsopinion

    ooh. sorry. delete these comments as redundant. dur. earlymorning.

  6. @ 1minion
    Yep, that was to point of my post. And even atheist fall for it because of the temptation to know oneself using a simple test.
    Anyway, I hope you get my irony and joke badge now!

  7. Wait, you mean I don’t actually write like Isaac Asimov?

  8. I write like Edgar Allen Poe.

  9. Of course you do Mike, of course you do. Even better than him !
    See, 1minions, sometimes it is just more thoughtful to be supportive!

  10. I tried it out too, and it seemed very fortune cookie-ish. My fiction was like Stephen King, my polished nonfiction was like James Joyce, and my off-the-cuff blog posts were like A. C. Clark. Flattering, but I can’t lend it any credibility unless it gives me some kind of rationale for why those authors.

  11. I’m a bit suspicious, did it really come up with your own name? Mine’s even weirder though…

  12. @ Leah :
    Give your birth date to the astrologers of India, China and America and you will get all sorts of different readings.
    This thing is such an obvious scam.

    @ atimetorend :
    You had me on the floor rolling, farting and laughing! How embarrassing.

    To other readers: Of course (!) it did NOT come up with my name. Hope that was clear. 🙂

  13. @atimetorend quit making me laugh out loud at work, people are staring. 😉

  14. Apparently I write mostly like Douglas Adams. Woo hoo! And a bit like H P Lovecraft. Is that good?


  15. Ya got to love the irony of comments by folks who just stop in to tell us they took the test and who they write like !

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