Hot Dog Cooker

I became fascinated with electricity when I was 15 years-old.   One of the first simple electric contraptions I made was an electric hot dog cooker.  Above is a picture I found of an electric cooker similar to the one I made.  But instead of PVC pipe, I formed a U-shaped frame from three pieces of wood and drove nails through the end pieces facing each other.  Then I attached household lamp wire to each nail.  I would put a hot dog on the nails, plug in the cooker to a wall socket and watch the hot dog crackle and quickly cook as the 120 Volt household wall current passed through the hot dog.  My little brothers were amazed.  And, being the eldest, my parents foolishly trust me with the device.

One day, I decided to see how strong the current was.  I put the barbell from my weight-set on one nail, I grabbed the other nail with my hand and placed my other hand on the other end of the barbell.  I could feel a light  buzz of current going down the barbell into my hand.  I then slid my hand up  the barbell gradually increasing the current going through my body.

If you haven’t figured out, I was being really stupid. But now it gets spookier.  I finally worked my way up to where I could lightly hold the two nails.  I then spent several times trying to still my mind to a point where the electricity did not bother me though my body shook from the current.

Miraculously I lived through this experience. I pray my children never do anything nearly as stupid.  I did all this well before I was a Christian or before I was interested in meditation.  It just shows how messed up I was from a very early age. 🙂

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4 responses to “Hot Dog Cooker

  1. Kids are supposed to do dangerous and stupid things, but thankfully God looks after them!

  2. CRL

    My dad did that sort of thing as a kid. In my house, growing up, all the chemicals and wiring were kept very safely locked away. Coincidence?

  3. Haha! That story cracked me up.

    It made me remember all the incredibly stupid things I did during “playtime” when I was growing up.

    It’s amazing that that those of us born before car seats, bike helmets, and constant adult supervision managed to make it our of childhood alive

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