Enlightenment Crystals

Uric Acid Kidney Stones

Wow, it is said that after you cremate someone you can tell how enlightened they were by picking through their remains and counting the number of crystalline-structures you find in the ashes.  I heard about the stones yesterday when listening to this 1-hour lecture [@ 10:11] by Univ. of California at Berkeley Buddhist scholar Dr. Lancaster.  The talk is  about the spread of Buddhism.

So, with a little more curious web-surfing, I found the term śarīra in Wiki which refers to these pearl-like crystals and when used more generally means “relics”.  There is even a “watch-instantly” NetFlix documentary  called “Unmistaken Child” which contains examples of śarīra.  And here is a great set of pictures debunking śarīra by comparing them to stones naturally made by the human body kidney stones and gall stones.

Like most religions, Buddhism can be packed full of superstitions.  I have heard many Buddhist superstitions over the years but these enlightenment crystals were new information for me.  Has anyone else heard of these?  I am praying that my masseuse is wrong when she tells me I have knots in my muscles and that instead the “knots” are just enlightenment crystals in the making.


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4 responses to “Enlightenment Crystals

  1. Ahhh, so my recent bout of kidney stones are due to enlightenment. 😉

  2. alywaibel

    Nice! This is the first I’ve heard of it!

  3. @ Mike — you are such a materialistic blind atheist fool — “kidney stones” ? — have your spiritual eyes withered?

    @ Alyweibel: glad you enjoyed !

  4. LOL! I’m just going off what I read. 😉

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