Sabio is Banned in China

An expat reader of this blog who lives in China has informed me that about two weeks ago the Chinese blocked Triangulations on their internet.  Oh the horror!  I have lost billions of potential readers.  Oh the injustice!

I thought something was up when I noticed a sudden drop in the hits on my “Fart Logic” post which had gone viral about two months earlier.  That post uses Chinese characters, so maybe that put me on the Chinese’s radar.  But seriously,  I can imagine any number of other posts which the Chinese purity police may have not liked:

Questions for Readers:  Have you ever been banned?  So what do you think got me banned?  Which of your posts have gone viral?


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17 responses to “Sabio is Banned in China

  1. All I can say is congratulations, I’d think it’s a good badge of honour!

  2. @ Michael:
    Thanx, I guess ! 😕
    Which of your posts have gone viral?

  3. I would say none but my post on concensual incest gets more traffic and comments than any other and has continued to attract dozens of some of the most bizarre comments out there. I guess it’s because it’s managed to become the #1 google result for [concensual sibling incest], an interesting thing for my blog to be known for!

  4. Temaskian

    I really can’t imagine what got your blog banned. You never said anything bad about China, as far as I can recall.

  5. @ Temaskian
    Yeah, me either. Heck, I am a sweet, nice guy and never confronts anyone. I never wrote about their suppressive, abusive regime because that would be mean. 😀

    @ Michael
    Consensual sibling incest is something I have used many times when I use to teach medical ethics. And it links to “fart logic”. Wow, I will read your post and write my own. Thanks for the idea.

  6. geoih

    Congratulations, and I’m jealous. I think your next goal should be to get banned by the US government.

  7. If its any consolation, I’m pretty sure Depak Chorpa hates me. 😛

  8. @ geoih
    Yeah, I am surprised they haven’t figured me out yet.

    @ Kyle:
    Do tell why? But remember, some folks just plain deserve to be hated ! 😀

  9. Adam

    My blog has never been banned to my knowledge. But yours has been blocked at my work now for awhile. Reason: porn! There are a couple of others that come up blocked as porn as well. I have no idea why!

  10. Have you ever been banned?
    -on more than a few conservative Christian blogs for bringing both a progressive/critical viewpoint as well as knowing not only what the Bible logical interpretations of various passages that deviate from the “normal” reading.

    So what do you think got me banned?
    -your an Atheist and China is… oh, nevermind. China being censor happy?

    Which of your posts have gone viral?
    -a few from the old blog, nothing from the new. still waiting.

  11. alywaibel

    Wow, Sabio, that’s big news! I haven’t been banned, except by one individual who, after what i thought was a good debate, wrote to tell me that s/he will not be visiting my blog again!

    I’ve often wondered how the internet is controlled in China. I have a few former students who are Chinese airline pilots and they keep in touch with me by Facebook… the contact feels kinda flat and safe, not like being face to face with those guys at all. For example, after the big earthquake there several months ago, I sent messages to those former students and they responded with words to the effect of: ‘the Chinese government is going a really good job dealing with the earthquake’.

  12. I’ll echo the congratulations on being considered important enough to be banned.

    “Have you ever been banned?” Only from a mailing list once, and it was from a mass ban because of something someone else said.

    “So what do you think got me banned?” Disagreement with people who don’t tolerate disagreement and have enough power to force the issue.

    “Which of your posts have gone viral?” None yet, but now that I have a site, there’s a chance 🙂

  13. @Sabio – LOL Hate linking but this exchange on twitter:

    ended with him reading my *adult* parody (Read, if cuss words offend, best not to read.) 🙂

  14. @ Adam:
    “Porn” — oh dear. It must be the poop post. Or maybe your avatar!

    @ Zero:
    You deserve to be banned from Conservative Christian sites — you might as well as be a pagan. Welcome, brother!
    I look forward to you forming a solo site again. You flourish more as a solo speaker.

    @ Aly:
    Pushing tolerance will always get you banned. Keep pushing !

    @ David :
    Best wishes on your new site

    @ Kyle:
    You are indeed a disgrace to the Buddhist community. [Sabio’s compliment]

  15. Ed

    For about ten years I was banned at my chiropractic alma matter, Northwestern Health Sciences University in Minneapolis, Mn. My crime? I was public and vocal about the schools move towards “chiropractic medicine”… whatever the hell that could be! The jist is, in order to get paid equally, have many of the same privileges and garner professional prestige, chiropractic colleges have been trying to be more like medicine. A terrible idea. We are a holistic, from the inside out, energy based healing profession. We do not even do drugs and surgery. The medical model of controlling the situation does not apply to chiropractic. Anyway, the president that hated me went away and the new guy didn’t care… maybe China will love you again….?

  16. Ed

    PS… I forgot to congratulate you on your banning.

  17. “I look forward to you forming a solo site again. You flourish more as a solo speaker.”

    -i maybe doing just that. i’ll keep you posted. prolly introduce it on the old site. thanks for the encouragement!

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