Different kinds of Weird

We just adopted our third pound dog.  That makes us kind of weird because few people would consider having three dogs.  But we got our new dog from a woman who, out of humanitarian reasons (if we are to believe her), rescues and fosters dogs and who, at any one time, has up to 14 dogs in her home.  So she keeps us looking pretty normal.  But at least she doesn’t collect garbage and antiques in her front yard — now that is weird.

So that go me thinking about how to separate & classify different kinds of weirds.  Readers will know that I am a taxonomy freak.

So what do you think?  As this graph shows, I decided to classify Weirdness as having two components:

  1. Do-s: “Abnormal Things Done”.  These are weird because they are not what most people would consider normal to do.
  2. Don’t-s:  “Normal Things NOT Done”.  These are weird simply because most people do these things and NOT doing them is considered weird.

So let me give you an example of my weird traits.

Sabio’s Weirdness Class:  “mildy bizaare”

  • Don’ts:  don’t like French, don’t like golden retrievers, don’t like to watch sports, don’t buy cable TV
  • Dos: raise chickens, have 3 dogs, write a religion blog, meditate

Remember, in my head I am differentiating between idiosyncrasies and weirdities.  Like, I touch my nose a lot when I talk –> that is more of an idiosyncrasy than a weirdity. I know idiosyncrasies and weirdities are not clear to separate but just ask yourself, “Would others think that is weird or just my idiosyncrasy?”  And remember, this is a playful post.  I am not playing psychologist or sociologist here!

Question to readers:  Tell us what weird traits you have.

PS:  Commenting on this blog already makes you weird and you share that with others here — so no need to put it on your list! 😀


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10 responses to “Different kinds of Weird

  1. “don’t like to watch sports, don’t buy cable TV”

    That’s not weird. That’s smart!! 😉

    We don’t watch sports or buy cable either. I don’t really think of it as weird until someone acts like we should know what the regional sports team scored the night before….or when people act shocked when we tell them that we don’t have cable.

    Weird things I do….play video games. Apparently, if you’re a mom over 30, your not supposed to do that…or at least you’re not supposed to do it well.

  2. Lets see
    Weird – Enjoy writing dirty jokes, change my facial hair almost once a week and can’t sleep without light and noise.
    Bizaare – Enjoy writing religious dirty jokes, trolling for trolls and finding just about the most odd pictures to post.
    Not Odd- Love Sports, Food Network, Military history, philosophy and Documentaries

    So, hmmmm creative weird it is.

  3. @ terri
    Yeah, but apparently *you* wouldn’t know what weird is — being weird yourself. (a compliment from Sabio) !

    Creative weird sounds right.

  4. SpringChicken

    Hmm my weird don’ts: Don’t like to go shopping as recreation esp at the mall!;
    don’t like sweets for breakfast; i prefer stick shift cars; i hate getting my feet dirty

    weird do’s: shop at the thrift shops (gucci on the boulevard!); know how to butcher chickens; have a worm bin in the basement (among other strange things)

    thanks for the great post! you never know when a dinner conversation will turn into a post!

  5. @ Spring Chicken
    Thanks for stopping in honey. I guess I should have gotten a release form signed before putting up this post. Actually, I wrote it first and decided it to test in on our kids during dinner — wanted to be sure my readers would understand it. 😉

  6. Adam

    Do’s: make my own beer, make my own laundry soap, blog, meditate, listen to sutra chants while at work, can’t decide what to do with my facial hair so I change it constantly.

    Don’ts: don’t buy cable, don’t use any type of lotion or chap-stick or wet-wipes, don’t go more than 5 MPH over the speed limit, don’t buy anything unless it’s on sale or at a discount retailer. I also didn’t think The Hangover was funny.

  7. CRL

    I know very few “normal” people.

    Dos: Study academic subjects voluntarily, fence, sail, knit, read, member of astronomy club, enjoys math/science, has stronger-than-average political and religious views.

    Don’ts:Listen to most mainstream music, watch TV, or care greatly about fashion.

    Normal: Spend excess time on internet, people are becoming much more important to me than ideas.

    Creative weird? Perhaps a bit bizarre.

  8. Weirdness, love it! Is uniqueness our weirdness?

    Do’s: Tell jokes that are clearly on the edge of sanity/but imaginative. Rock back n forth on the couch while watching something interesting. Sing to songs (being played) all night long sometimes. Treat all people equally. Watch exorbitant amount of documentaries (at one point was 3-5 a week). Live in spontaneity quite a bit (pretty fun to drink with or annoying depending on your demeanor). Say something over and over until I find the funny in it (my wife thinks it autism). I have a version of Christianity that hearkens back to mass respect for Judaism and can see both faiths and brothers (not competitive).

    Don’ts: I don’t like mainstream tv shows, they have to have some edge for me to even have interest (ie: Boardwalk Empire). I don’t shower or shave on Sundays (that’s my greasy day). I don’t like playing music that is hits, I prefer B sides type stuff.

    Normal: everything else, I am really not all that different than most people.

  9. Gray

    I go blank out when ever I’m in school
    I try to free out it seem not working for me
    I find it hard to make new friends and if try to make they find boring
    I’m always speechless when ever in a social gathering
    But a very good freestyles pop singer but I hard to showcase my talent because I fear I may go blankout when I’m on stage

  10. Ivo

    I make-up rules and different patterns in my head and follow them, whether those rules be listening to a certain song at certain day because of the meaning it has to me; going only on the left of objects when go out on the streets, “collect” white dots on the ground by going left of them or just swiping my leg on their right side; pick of different things in a certain order, for example if I have three eggs in one line I pick the middle one first, then the left and then the right one (which is a reference to a song title I guess) and stuff like that. What weird does that make me? I mean I follow these rules and patterns for a certain reason lol

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