Judging Janitors

I want my kids to realize that life is not served to you on a platter.  You have to study, learn skills, develop yourself and make an effort to prosper.  My kids are a little to0 young to understand salaries and such, but I have pointed out to them that workers a fast food places don’t make hardly any money and how hard it must be for them and their children.

But I have always felt a little bad because I didn’t want them to walk away from these instructions thinking less of these people.  So from time to time we watch films to illustrate that depth, love and a rich heart have nothing to do with money.

NetFlix has just such a film is an excellent documentary about the lives of 8 janitors: Philosopher Kings.   If you have an account, it is up for instant viewing.   My kids loved it!  Below is the trailer. [HT: Temporary Reality]

Question for readers:  What message have you taught kids which you knew needed to be more balanced?


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9 responses to “Judging Janitors

  1. That’s a great question to ask my adult children. I’ll do that. I have no idea what they’ll say. I find it most difficult to talk about the darker issues of our human enterprise… war, environmental devastation, corruption, oh, it’s a long list.

    It’s hard to describe these things with much accuracy without extinguishing hope.

    Philosopher Kings at the very top of my Instant View queue. I’ll see it in the next couple of weeks. What did you think of Earthlings?

  2. alywaibel

    this looks really good! thanks for the recommendation

  3. The movie looks to be right up my alley. Thanks for the recommendation! I work on site at the headquarters of a leading tire manufacturer. I like to think I don’t see company rank, I treat everyone the same whether they are cleaning the building or running it. Everyone has a job to do, a role to play. To me the person cleaning the toilets is just as important as the person running the company. Glad you are teaching your kids to think the same way, I’m not surprised.

  4. @ Dan: Looking forward to hear what your kids say! 🙂

    @ aly : you are welcome

    @ Mike : I have the same situation. The movie is a good reminder.

  5. thanks for the head’s up! adding it to my list o’ movies!

  6. atimetorend

    Finally watched this movie last week, remembered it from your recommendation. Very moving and well done, what a great job of capturing what makes a person human, and the way it values the individual. Have not watched it with the kids yet, glad to hear your’s enjoyed it, it certainly is an important lesson.

  7. Hey ATR
    Yep, as my post says, “My kids loved it!” Did you watch it with yours?
    I loved the way you summarized your impression.

  8. atimetorend

    Haven’t watched with the kids yet, will try to comment back when we have. We watched Mythbusters instead this week with them, ’cause we were all tired, and I didn’t want to risk a disagreement midway through if they found it less exciting than blowing things up. 8^)

  9. We are huge Myth Buster fans too!

    Pecked out quickly on my DROID phone !

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