Catholic Theologians Urge Church to Change

Here is an LA Times article discussing the call of 140 Roman Catholic theologians for Church reforms to end priestly celibacy, ordain women, welcome same-sex couples, and allow bishops to be elected by lay people.  Here I must cheer for the change being sought.  Some would object saying I have no dog in this race: I am not Catholic and not even Christian.  But the change is in the right direction so I will cheer.  This is an example how secular cultures often lead in discovering better ways to approach human life but it takes time for religion to catch up.  But let us also not forget that we also sometimes observe that religion sometimes serves to preserve valuable approaches to human life while secular culture tries to throw them out.  Religion is complex.  Do you agree?

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2 responses to “Catholic Theologians Urge Church to Change

  1. crl

    With my dog pulled from the race: I agree, and…it’s not going to happen :/

    In time, the Church will progress. Unfortunately, many religions look to the past by nature.

  2. @crl
    Thanks for your comment. Yeah, we will have to see what happens.

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