April Fool’s Buddhist Omelet

This morning, for April Fool’s day I made my kids a very ugly omelet.  I knew my daughter wouldn’t touch it, but I knew my son would try it — especially if it grossed out his sister.  The omelet was putrid green and I served it with Jelly and cheese.  Here is a picture:

Before eating it, my children tried to guess the ingredients, “Spinach or Avacadoes?”  “Yep, you are close,” I said.  They watched me chow down my omelet in delight but they though I was faking it to get them to eat.

My son took his first bite but quickly yelled, “YUCK!” and spit out the half-chewed piece on his plate with horror on his face. “That is horrible,” he declared.  I had never seen him do that before.  He is usually very polite.

Then I broke it to them, “The omelet is merely eggs with some of our blueberries mixed in — no avocado, no spinach.  The blue of the berries and the yellow of the eggs combined to make it green.  I think you will love your blueberry omelet.”  My son smile, took another bite and liked it.  He then ate the whole thing without effort.

“See,” I told them after our fun breakfast, “Your mind just got in your way.”  To which my daughter replied, “Dad, our minds are always in our way!”  I laughed.

This reminded me of this short story of a Korean Zen master’s awakening.  I actually put the story into a funny song form this morning while I drove my kids to their elementary school — they loved it and they understood how it related to the omelet!   But I wonder how my kids will remember this Buddhist April Fool’s day.   🙂


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6 responses to “April Fool’s Buddhist Omelet

  1. atimetorend

    Funny! Happy belated Buddhist April Fools Day!

  2. aly

    Great post! Great omelet-inspired insight into mind 🙂

  3. @ ATTR & Aly: Thanx folks !! Thank you kindly.

  4. This is my favorite post of yours so far. But I really doubt that I would like a blueberry omlette. I love Blueberries. I love eggs. A blueberry Crepe is quite close to heaven. Yet when I imagen the blueberries and the eggs without the flour it does not really seem that it would taste really good.

  5. Great story and lesson!

    Happy (belated) April Fools Day!

  6. @ Aletheia & Curt : Glad you all enjoyed. It is so nice to see readers who enjoy things with me. I try to space out posts like this with my dry pseudo-intellectual stuff! 🙂

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