E-T-ology Words

The above diagram is a learning tool for a friend who is beginning his study for the GREs.  I use these words on my site occasionally and they have often confused me.  Maybe putting them altogether will help some of you too.  All these words end in “logia” which comes from the Greek word “logos” which means “reason” and in this case “study of”.

Click on the word to learn more:

Entomology, Etymology, Ethology, Etiology

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5 responses to “E-T-ology Words

  1. Ah, thanks Sabio. My first taste of that long haul of vocabulary study.

    Also, funny how ethology shares a root with ethics.

  2. You are welcome. I find that words in groups are easier for me to remember.
    Concerning ethics — if only there was more character in it! I think animals have higher ethical quality than humans.

  3. Studying the GRE vocab is strange. They use arcane words that are rarely used. Luckily all these words are general usage words.

    This is a good idea. You could do one for all the practice words required for the GRE that would be worth publishing as a book. I’m sure people would buy something like that. Great concept here!

  4. And, of course, don’t forget the ubiquitous but often overlooked, ‘Entenmann-ology’, the study of Chocolate-covered donuts and related baked goods.

    This presumes of course, that you have Entenmann’s products in your part of the country, or else the witticism (marginal though it may be) doesn’t makes sense.

  5. @ Scott
    Yeah, not familiar with that, but it was cute! Thanx

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