Religion Images: Results

Below I list the results of  my previous poll of your images of the “the general function of  religion”.  These statistics, of course, tell us nothing about people in general, but only about visitors to the post.  But this little experiment hopefully illustrates the variety and diversity of images we hold concerning religion–mostly negative for readers of this site.

Understanding each others’ images can sometimes aid us in dialogue.  I was surprised to find out that the life-preserver image (strong in my mind) was  only found useful by 3% of you.  And, “poison” image, though not an image I have, resonated with 17% of you –the largest percent.  So I may keep these observations in mind in future dialogues in order to improve them.

Question to readers: In a coming post, for similar reasons, I hope to explore your images of “evolution”.  Before I get there, and ask for a vote, please share images you have of “Evolution”?

Religious Images Poll Results

[5/1/11 –> 234 votes]

Negative Images
Positive Images









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6 responses to “Religion Images: Results

  1. May I object to placing the image ‘Silly’ in the negative side? Since it was one of the four I chose, all of which I perceived as positive images for religion. There’s generally not enough silliness around in religious circles, that’s for sure!

    On evolution (images in words): scientific theory, most probable hypothesis, dinosaurs, Adam & Eve, Genesis, Jesus riding a dinosaur (can’t get that picture out of my head), bright lights, great flood, from monkey to man (the famous picture of human evolution), clean and cold, Darwin with the tortoises, around the globe, giraffes with their necks, court is now in order (the debate between the scientists and ID advocates). Hope my stream of consciousness helps.

  2. @ Timo
    Good objection! Likewise, several other traits could have these bivalent qualities. But for simplicity purposes, I put them this way. But your objection is very important — thanks.

    Concerning images of Evolution —> I am looking for images that “TYPIFY” evolution, not that are clustered with it. But that was a fun stream to wade through ! 🙂

  3. Adam

    Images of deep sea fish always come to mind when thinking about the complexity involved within the process of evolution. Such as: Hairy Angler

    More to the topic at hand, one thing that continually comes to mind in discussions about evolution that I find lacking is the fact that evolution is occurring now, right now, in real time. Too often we only talk about the macro but fail to realize that we are products of evolution ourselves.

  4. crl

    Images for evolution: cold, hard, proven fact (depicted by a rock, perhaps?); the tree of life; constant change; connection to the past despite constant change; internal connection to all living things despite external differences; generic “science” images.

  5. @ Adam
    Great pic, thanx (the other link did not work, btw).

    @ CRL
    “Tree of Life” will be one of mine — I like your others too.

  6. Maybe a double helix, a fern, a trilobite, something like that.

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