Unexpected Meaning

This is a picture of one of my favorite T-shirts entitled:  “First Touch“.  I have had this shirt for more than 12 years but she is unravelling so this is a going-away photo.

I am actually shocked that over the years I have only had one person ask me about the picture.  And when I initiated conversations about my shirt to others, no one has had a clue what it meant.  They all universally just thought it was a weird picture.  But heck, maybe I don’t understand it either.  After comments, I will tell you what I think it says.   My guess is that my readers will think just like me.  But alas, I could be totally delusional.

Questions to readers:

  1. What does this picture mean to you?
  2. The artist is “Jaris” but I can’t find his stuff on the web.  Anyone have any ideas?


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13 responses to “Unexpected Meaning

  1. Is it an alien species (or super-evolved post-human species) discovering the first human skull after we’re extinct?

  2. Trace

    Yes, I agree with JS Allen. Some post human species wondering about a human fossil.

  3. I’m gonna go with the crowd and say the same as JS and Trace.

    But then again, it could be a picture of an ancient alien-god beholding a human skull prototype it created, before its manufactured “seed of man” is injected into the ovaries of a lemur-like primate, from which eventually evolves our homo sapiens specie in the distant future.

  4. Mike aka MonolithTMA

    I can’t help wondering what H.R. Giger would think of it. It looks derivative of his work. I would just think it was a cool picture if it wasn’t for the caption. I have no idea what “First Touch” is supposed to mean. The caption changing my feeling about a t-shirt is nothing new to me, it happens all the time with some of the shirts on T-Shirt Woot.

  5. Earnest

    A mother skeleton has just given birth to a newborn baby skeleton.

  6. “What does this picture mean to you?”

    -same as JS.

    “The artist is “Jaris” but I can’t find his stuff on the web. Anyone have any ideas?”

    -the alien reminded me of H.R. Giger, the guy who designed the look to the movie franchise Alien. maybe it’s an early work by him? where’d you pick up the shirt? but i don’t have any further ideas of who this guy is or how to get more info on him.

  7. Yes, everyone is right. I knew my readers would get it! Yeeeeey!

    We envision ourselves at the top of the animal kingdom, we envision ourselves surviving forever. We can’t imagine how the universe can be meaningful without us. This picture points to our foolishness and yet preserves meaning and wonder outside of a anthropocentric worldview.

  8. I’ll go Avant-garde here: The invention of self. That is it is an alien condition to humans. OK, perhaps that was a bit Zen…or not.

  9. @ Kyle,
    Dude, I’d love to pretend I know what you mean.

    @ Earnest
    I told you, you are not allow to comment here right after a 12-hour shift — see what we get! 🙂

  10. Bart

    It’s an alien practicing his lines from the Klingon version of Hamlet, and this is his first touch with the prop.

  11. Mike aka MonolithTMA

    I must be getting rusty, I normally would have gone with the Hamlet “Alas, poor Yorick” line. 😉

    So, “First Touch” as in first contact then, but post extinction, that’s probably where I would have gone.

  12. Okay, I skipped right to the bottom without looking at other replies. A future earth species (more directly related to us or less), or an alien, discovering its first human fossil?

  13. @ Bart,
    That was fantastic, thanx

    @ Mike,
    Poor Yorick !

    @ Andrew,

    So I can’t figure out why, over all these years nobody ever got it.
    That is why I love blogging, finally fellow weirdos who understand !
    *said with affection*

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