Why we Believe in god(s) — a review

Title: “Why we believe in god(s): A concise guide to the Science of Faith”
Author: “Andy” Thompson
Publisher: Pitchstone Publishing
Date: 2011
Pages: 144 pgs (a tiny easy-to-read book)

This is an index for my upcoming posts on Thompson’s book. I am kind of silly-happy to announce that this is the first time I have received a publisher’s request to review a book.   So I have a free book!

Thompson is an staff psychiatrist at the University of Virginia and a trustee at the Richard Dawkins Foundation — Dawkins writes a forward for the book.  I am grateful for the gift from Pitchstone Publishing who has a video interview “Andy” Thomson here.  Pitchstone Publishing is also in Virginia (not sure if they are connected to the author) and their site says: “Our books endeavor to promote reason and the rational at the expense of superstition and the irrational.”

As readers know, I will not hesitate to be critical, but I am suspecting I will also enjoy the book. If you wish to read along we me and criticize my posts, I would deeply appreciate it –as would the publisher.  🙂

Indexed Posts:

  • Thompson’s Sources (coming soon)
  • Theories of Religions (coming soon)
  • Evolution of Humans (coming soon)
  • Fast-Food Analogy Shortcomings (coming soon)
  • Book Review (coming eventually)
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