Hero Stories: Yawn!

“We are always the hero in our own stories.”
— Sabio

How often do you hear people telling stories where they are foolish, mistaken, wrong, lazy, heartless or in some other way at fault?  Not very often.  I find it very refreshing when I hear people make fun of themselves.  I yawn at the hero stories.

BTW, for you literalists, yeah my little saying is an obvious exaggeration, but aphorisms often function as mneumonics rather than truth propositions.



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9 responses to “Hero Stories: Yawn!

  1. Tim Smith

    It has been my experience that workplace camaraderie, especially on jobs that are physically as well as mentally taxing (from having to deal with heat, noise, hard labor and danger) seem to engender a self effacing attitude where self deprecating humor is used to bond rather than to become a weapon you offer to others to then have them re-use against yourself. Friendships I have made in steel mill environments were actually founded on odd forms of anti-hero stories. The hero part was sometimes just getting through the day, and the hero type was branded and given hilarious nicknames of one sort or another. I offer this as anecdotal and realize that our expectations color our perceptions but when it is lived through the experience weighs heavily into our theorizing. My experience in office environments was a 180* difference. Just another of many examples of cognitive dissonance in our lives. Humans are so complicated and self deceiving creatures. All, of course, except me!

  2. @ Tim
    I too have been in work environments where self-deprecating humor abounds. I love those situations. I have also worked with some who are always the heros. Bloggers can be the same, actually. Constantly hearing how stupid the other guys are is tiring. I hope I mix it up a bit here — I certainly have enough ‘anti-hero’ stories to last. 🙂

  3. Mike aka MonolithTMA

    A great sage once said “We don’t need another hero.”


  4. Boz

    this is very common in australia, where self deprecating humour is very common.

  5. Thanx Boz. Have you lived in the States and noticed a difference?

  6. @ Mike
    I had to look that up — I am a cultural idiot!


  7. Mike aka MonolithTMA

    @ Sabio

    You can chalk it up to your world traveling. You have that and I have pop-culture exposure. 😉

  8. @ MiKe,
    Well, maybe. But I think a big part of it is that you are graced with a large bank of memory neurons too!

  9. Mike aka MonolithTMA


    Sadly, most of what I retain is not that useful. 😉

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