Mice drink through holes


I refuse to drink my coffee through the little hole in the lid or through a straw. I remove the lid and enjoy the coffee like a human. I leave drinking and sucking through little holes to mice, rats and gerbils.



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15 responses to “Mice drink through holes

  1. Hahah. What a delightfully random rant.

  2. Tim Smith

    An impartial outside observer of our planet might think that we humans mimic mice, are led around by dogs, whose waste we dutifully gather, and take it as one of our duties to impress cats with our sincerity. Animals do not eat anything that comes from our butt, yet we gather up eggs, put them in a row, sell them and use the money to buy dead animal food…hamburgers, pork, lamb. Maybe sipping coffee through a lid ain’t so bad after all.

  3. Oh wow. Thanks for the lovely mental images of both mice and men. I may never eat or drink again. LOL!

  4. LOL, so I guess you land squarely in the “Babies aren’t human” camp?

  5. This is great! Thanks for the laugh!

  6. That’s the last straw, Sabio. Straws suck. For the same reason I find Camelbaks disgusting.

  7. hahahaha nice. I really don’t understand the straws in the hot coffee either.

    But I must confess, I leave the lid on tight on my personal cup that I use for coffee. I’m a huge klutz, so much so that my life at times is one long Chevy Chase movie. And as I do most of my coffee drinking at work around $8000 worth of equipment, it is the mouse hole for me.

  8. Wow, glad folks liked it !!
    Maybe I should stay away from philosophy and religion and just do goofy stuff like this! 🙂

  9. Mike aka MonolithTMA

    Not a milkshake man, are you?

  10. Mike aka MonolithTMA

    I usually refuse the straw at restaurants, but do use them in to go containers. When I drink coffee, if it comes with a sippy-cup lid, I keep it on. I do prefer to drink it straight from my coffee mug though.

  11. I too enjoyed this break from more serious matters. Thanks. So human.

  12. Earnest

    My new age sister insists that if an autistic kid drinks through not just a straw but a curly “silly straw” the autism will improve. I have not seen any obvious effect with my high functioning Aspergers son but he does say he likes to use them.

  13. Max

    It sounds like a silly rant, but it does make you think. I something use one of these drive through espresso joints and they insist on putting a straw in my drink (inserted through the sippy hole in the lid). I have an instinctive aversion to using it and always ask when I order to not give me the straw, but it seems they are incapable of noticing my request and I get it anyway.

    As for the sippy holes, it’s a product of our on-the-move culture I suppose. I’ve heard there are a gazillion patents now for different types of sippy lids. Most serve their purpose, but leave us with a feeling we’re not really enjoying our coffee but rather ingesting it as efficiently as we can. There’s also the fact that they all suck for the environment – no pun intended.

  14. @ Max
    They do suck! LOL. Yeah, they are another support for out “on-the-move” culture — they help keep you running on the little wheel in the cage.

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