Hitting the Mute Button

I accidentally left my smart phone at home today. I was put on mute against my wishes. It was totally refreshing. I love when habits are broken — there is so much to see.

Hope you enjoy this related video — see their site for much more fun!


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6 responses to “Hitting the Mute Button

  1. I saw this on Best of YouTube the other day. I love the work these guys do. We’re planning to do an event like this in our small town.

    Re: smart phones. I had a cell phone for a year and decided I was happier without it. No regrets at all. Life on mute is good. If I ever need a cell phone, I just ask to borrow one from a person standing nearby. Never failed me yet.

  2. Hey Dan. Who is organizing the thing in your town? What will you guys be doing?

    Unfortunately I need my smartphone for work — unlike a Kindergarten, eh?

  3. Mike aka MonolithTMA

    My cell phone is my only phone, we don’t have a home phone, so not having our phones would be tricky. Sometimes I’d like to leave the smart part at home.

    Love the video!

  4. Tim Smith

    I consciously envisioned and orchestrated my days to be just like the ‘old days’, without intrusive ‘devices’; one can at least try to live without these, was the drift of my attitude. I now have a cell phone but seldom use it. It is a cost /benefit analysis type of thing, of necessity different in different contexts i.e. If you are on the road, and your job is one of an on-call basis, do you quit your job for the sake of your Luddite ‘principles’? Hardly! Thought processes create as well as adapt to technology, with many of us dragging our feet as we are carried along and some of us pitching our sails. I also totally love that video!

  5. Dan

    Who’s organizing our town’s events? I’d prefer not to say….

    You made me smile imagining the day not so long off when kindergarten teachers text their students at story time …. What’s the point of talking?

  6. Tim:
    I am definitely not a luddite, but I am a little allergic to repeated experiences.

    Hope your fun day goes off well.
    Wow, texting students a story — very sad!

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