Math & the Religious Mind: Intro


We all have buttons that, when pushed, can stop us from thinking clearly and can polarize dialogues making them useless, if not destructive.  On Triangulations I discuss highly polarizing topics: religion, philosophy, politics, lifestyles and more.  On most my posts I try to relate those topics to habits of our minds.  But on many posts, buttons get pushed, the points I intend to make are often lost and threads get side-tracked.  Of course, some of that is simply due to my bad writing or bad ideas. 🙂

Anyway, I thought I’d experiment with some posts on Mathematics with an emphasis on how our “Religious Mind” relates to Mathematics (“Math” in American English, “Maths” in British English — don’t want to push buttons right from the start!).

Hopefully there will not be too many readers who are emotionally attached to theories of math or to numerology.  So discussing Math may be a fun way to approach the same issues of Mind using a more neutral subject.

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4 responses to “Math & the Religious Mind: Intro

  1. You might be surprised what gets people worked up. When Pinker wrote The Blank Slate, where each chapter focussed on pretty much a different controversial topic, what surprised him was that the one that he got the most protest for was his chapter on the arts and an evolutionary treatment of what makes things entertaining. I’m not sure where you’re going with these posts but if it’s something like Platonism vs formalism, expect a full blown flame war!

  2. @ Michael
    Indeed. We all take our pleasures very seriously! As we damn well should! 🙂
    Concerning, where I am going: I have no planned points, I just have sketched out a domain of exploration. The domain will expose my views so that hopefully you can better point out my twisted understandings! Looking forward to your corrections if I slide into superstitious cultish thoughts. 🙂

  3. Speaking of pushing buttons, Sabio, you pushed my “Talk” button. I answered your long comment on its own post over on Mindful Heart a little while ago. When you have a chance, nip over there. Gee, I hope I didn’t tread on any toes in answering you.

  4. I certainly hope you do not plan to delve into irrational numbers. I strongly disapprove of their vile wickedness.

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