Desperate Women

Humor break:  On the atheist websites there is controversy about if it is OK to ask a woman to your hotel room for “coffee” at 4 am in a hotel elevator.  Skepchick (her choice of a handle) and Richard Dawkins (he had no choice) strongly disagreed. But many people have lost faith in Dawkins due to his response.

Well, to hell if I am going to touch that one. 🙂

So, instead of discussing desperate men, I thought I’d post this picture of desperate women.  The other day I walked into our clinic lunch room only to find two of our medical assistants (MA) assaulting a junk food vending machine.  Apparently, one of their potato chip bags was stuck so they ganged up on the poor machine!  These were truly desperate women!

Note: I asked them to re-enact the hilarious event for my blog and they were kind enough to oblige — I work with fantastic MAs!


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8 responses to “Desperate Women

  1. Why do I get the feeling that this is going to be your most trafficked post by virtue of the title alone, Sabio? 🙂

  2. @Zach — indeed! But who knows? My most trafficked posts are for the images: Santa, Dora, Hindu Gods, Buddha, Sea of fog, Ganesh.

    And for content, probably Fart Logic and Was Jesus a Coward?.

    So hard to predict!
    A friend just opened a site describing her journey out of bulimia. She put up some photos of the effect of bulimia on her breasts and her site has surpassed my 3-year cumulative hits in just a week. So I am considering putting up some of my breast shots — what do you think?

  3. Dawkins’s response was just offensive. Maybe Skepchick was a bit too sensitive, but I saw the video, and she didn’t make a huge issue of it. She basically described the situation and said, “Don’t do that.” The guy probably wasn’t a big creep or anything; he probably just misjudged the situation. But whatever — it made her uncomfortable. Dawkins was way out of line to attack her the way he did.

  4. @ David Rattigan
    Thanx for visiting. I agree with much of what you wrote.

  5. Well, if you’re going to post on both desperate women and indulge in fart jokes, then I am left with little choice but to place you on my blogroll, for I’m always on the look out for well written blogs that approach life from endlessly fascinating perspectives.

    I agree with Rattingan that Dawkins was out of line. I will find it interesting if Dawkins can bring himself to see the light and apologize to Skepchick. We all make mistakes. It’s when we don’t eventually listen to reason that, if anything, marks us for our character.

  6. @ Paul
    Indeed, apologizing is tough

  7. Are you comparing women at a conference with a bag of chips? How offensive!


  8. Oooops, I swear, I have an endless number of feet to put in these mouths.

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