God’s Eye: Part 1

As of Aug 1st, 2011, only 43% of you had enough divine insight enough to realize that point #4 was the correct point needed to form The Divine Proportion.   Future posts will illustrate how this Divine Ratio yields much magic.  But in this post I will use the Divine Proportion to construct God’s Eye.

Besides “God’s hand” or “God’s finger”, I can’t think of other parts of God’s body more discussed than his eye.  Can you?

You may be more familiar with the God’s eyes in these pictures below.  I will discuss them in coming posts, but today I will be showing you something much more sacred — how to construct God’s eye using God’s language – Math!

To construct “God’s Eye”, we will use the Divine Ratio to make a Divine Rectangle and finally to make the “Sacred Spiral”.  Wheew, that was a lot of holiness.  But don’t be intimidated, I will guide you slowly into this holy temple.

Books I have read so fare have not illustrated the construction of God’s Eye very well, so I gave it a stab myself below.  The mystery of God’s Eye will be discussed later.

To construct God’s Eye, we must first take the two segments created by the divine ratio (ϕ) and form a rectangle from them.We are going to cut up this rectangle into smaller and smaller rectangles until we eventually get to God’s eye.  Interestingly, all the new rectangles will also be Divine/Golden Rectangles.
To form our first new Divine Rectangle, we will cut off a square (white) from the yellow rectangle.Oddly enough, the new orange triangle is not only a Divine Rectangle.  And mysteriously it is deflated in size by 1/ϕ !
It is easy to find where to draw the next square.  Simply draw a diagonal through the first rectangle.
The diagonal intersects the square’s side and exactly cuts it into the divine proportion!  The result is yet another Divine rectangle deflated again by 1/ϕ.
So to find the next rectangle, draw another diagonal.
And presto, a purple Divine rectangle!Again reduced by 1/ϕ.
And here after we can see how this pattern continues indefinitely:  All the rectangles getting smaller and smaller and converging on the intersection of those two diagonals — the Eye of God.
So if it helps you to visualize, here is the Eye of God:
But here comes the fun part !  The Eye of God is infinitely small — it is a point.  And it is the starting point, the source, of the “Divine” Spiral.So now let’s remove the eye and remove the diagonals.  You will see our next needed framework.
Now, focus on the squares, not the rectangles in this framework. Starting at the left hand corner, draw arcs from square corner to square corner and the result will be the “Divine Spiral” — otherwise known as the “Logarithmic Spiral”.  I will discuss the magic of the Logarithmic Spiral in coming posts.  I hope my construction effort was clear.


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7 responses to “God’s Eye: Part 1

  1. A far(?) association: Piet Mondrian (animation with music by P. Glass)

  2. @ Roni,
    Yes, that was a very far association. Lots of rectangles, I guess. But it may touch on a coming point. I won’t spoil it here though.
    But I must tell you, though perhaps you have picked it up (even without smilie faces since your mother tongue is Hungarian) that much of what I write here (aside from the facts) is tongue-in-cheek.

  3. Sorry, I’m like Pavlov’s dog. Rectangles > Mondrian.

    With an educational side (for those who are not at the ‘tongue-in-cheek level yet)? 🙂

  4. Skeptnik

    You have one of the most creative and interesting blogs I see. Good job, and thanks.

  5. @ Skeptnik: ah, shucks, thanks!

  6. John

    I like this 🙂

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