Sunday Best

Sabio Sunday Best_kidsThat is actually me, second from the right, all dressed up for church in my Sunday best.   My cousins sport the hats while my brothers wear the goofy smiles.  We were dressed up like little men ready to make our parents proud.   I didn’t mind looking good for my Mom but I hated when she would try to wet down my cowlick with her spit in the middle of the service.

Sabio Sunday Best_adults

The next picture on the right is of my parents with my aunt, my uncle and my grandparents.  We were all getting ready to go worship the Lord!

Well that was the 1960s. But fifty years later, 2013, on a hot August Sunday morning, my daughter and I (not being the church goin’ types)  did a fun bike trip through our quaint riverside town.  During our trip we passed a church that had just let out from service and the congregation was out on the lawn in their Sunday best — suits, elaborate dresses, jewelry, big hats and fancy shoes.  Sure, the styles have changed, but the intent is the same.

My nine-year-old daughter asked me,  “Dad, why are they all dressed up like that?” and I replied, “Well, they probably tell their kids that it is to show respect to God because their god likes to see them dressed up.  But really, sweetheart, they just dress up for each other.”

She understood and gave me a big smile as we rode on by.

Request from readers: Send me a picture of yourself in your Sunday best (a serious picture) and I will add it to the post .


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6 responses to “Sunday Best

  1. Laurance

    Yipes! Sunday best? I remember back in the ’50’s that people got all dressed up with gloves and hats, Sunday Go To Meetin’ clothes. My otherwise unbelieving parents decided to get involved with the Unitarians and made my sister and me get all dressed up to go to the Unitarian Fellowship whether we wanted to or not. Somewhere I have a picture…

    But I was out last Sunday driving by the Catholic Church when Mass was over. Jeepers! NOBODY was dressed up at all, it was just ordinary street clothes, jeans, t-shirts, anything.

    My Sweetie is a drummer, and he was hired by an pentecostal full gospel church to do some drumming at their services when the regular drummer couldn’t be there. People were wearing everyday clothes. No hats, no gloves, no stockings. (But I had fun dancing in my bare feet. Those holy rollers have a hell of a lot more fun than do the Episcopalians I was forced to go to chapel with when I was a teenager in boarding school.)

    Where are you that the people there still dress up for church?

    I was in Germany back in 1961, at which time people were still dressing up fancy in their Sunday Go To Meetin’ clothes here in the US. The Germans considered that ostentatious and prideful, and seriously inappropriate and disrespectful to god to show off in church. They wore street clothes.

  2. @ Sir Edmund: Do you mean my picture, or the post? 🙂

    @ Laurance: It was a Presbyterian Church is a very well off town.
    Your stories were fun. Thanx.

  3. Jen

    Fantastic pics–little men to be sure. Ah, Sunday best. Lemme try to upload the only photo I have on hand that might fit the theme–a snapshot of me as a Mormon missionary in Uruguay many, many moons ago. We dressed up for the Lord daily! Apparently Jesus Himself wore (wears?) a white shirt and tie and didn’t have a beard.

  4. Seattle KC

    The good looking young man on the left looks much like Don Rickles? Being of the hebrew faith, is this possible these are actually the “Saturday Bests”,
    “your idol”

  5. @ Jen: Looking forward to the pic if you can find it.

    To Readers: “Seattle KC” is my little brother. He grew up to look like a cross between Don Rickles and Jack Nicholas.

    @ KC: Thanks for stoppin’ in bro! [KC is my baby brother]

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