Prayer Amplifier App (It doesn’t work)

I was inspired by xkcd’s recent comic and did this little imitation by changing the subject to “Prayer” — I thought it fit perfectly.  I also freely borrowed a few commentor’s avatars — thank you.


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11 responses to “Prayer Amplifier App (It doesn’t work)

  1. JSA

    Haha! You could add in-app transactions (through iTunes, of course) to pay extra money for bold Christian prayer warriors to intercede on your behalf. Actually, I bet you could market your iPhone app to those guys.

  2. @ Mike: Glad you liked. Maybe I should stick to drawings — they tend to be more popular.

    JSA: Great link. Sadly, it might actually be marketable. But even without a soul, I can’t stoop that low. 😉 If prayer could move a mountain it would be a fantastic commodity — instead it is just scam-fodder.

  3. Oh yes. Head of nail firmly hit!

  4. you are giving me flashbacks of my statistics class in undergrad. i hated that class but learned a ton from it. ain’t math fun?!

    on another note, while i’m honored with the shout out and got a good chuckle out of it, i would also put “bonding closer with people” not just friends… since i pray for my enemies and often find their humanity while doing so, much to my chagrin. so my prayer amp is working fine! just not how i want it to 😉

  5. We are currently going through a transition period in my church. We are about to do a congregational survey and research like that. I think of this post quite often and came to a verbal way of putting the math and math lesson you’ve done here.

    A person standing with a foot in boiling water and a foot in ice water, statistically is comfortable.

    I think that is what you’re chart states. It affects our lives in ways that the numbers don’t quite get to unless we look at them in a certain lens.

  6. @ Zero1Ghost
    Yes, prayer can be very useful except when you expect them to work in terms of curing disease, getting your kid good grades, averting natural disasters and such. But indeed, positive self-talk works — magic prayer doesn’t.

  7. @ Zero
    What sort of transition is your church going through?

  8. “But indeed, positive self-talk works — magic prayer doesn’t.”
    -see, i haven’t used the magic prayer app in years. I’ve been on the Contemplative-Meditative App Amp for years now 😉

    “What sort of transition is your church going through?”
    -a beloved and super-long term pastor recently died, the church is going a new route with a consultant and team model verses the traditional interim model. The consultant uses an evidenced based approach, which we’re all about and fits the church as we have a ton of scientist in the congregation, and that will statistically map what we do and who we are as a church. That involves being able to read a lot of numbers. Now the consultant will provide their analysis as well, but I want to be able to read the numbers as well. your post is a reminder of how important that is.

  9. Copyright Nazi

    The word ‘imitation’ in the post should be replaced with ‘plagiarism’

  10. Yes, because plagiarists always credit their sources.

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