Pictorial Autobiography & Posts

I think it is fun to learn about the personal life behind a writer’s essays, poems or art.  So, who is Sabio Lantz? Well,it is the pen name for the guy below where I have a timeline with some pics and posts I have written that discuss that point in my life.

Personally, I think that understanding a writer’s experiences and conditions in life help in understanding their ideas and certainly their feelings. So, in honor of some degree of transparency:


0 – 17 years-old: Childhood (Cleveland, Ohio)


17 – 19: US Undergrad: New York (Cornell Univ), Illinois (Wheaton Coll)

19 – 20: Asia 1: Europe-to-India hitchhike

20 – 25: Undergrad & Grad School: Wheaton Coll, Univ. Wisc, Univ. Minn

25 – 27: Asia 2: Philosophy “scholar” – Pakistan, India


27 – 34: Asia 3: Japan, East Asia (professor & acupuncturist)


35 – 40: Physician Assistant: Duke University (NC), Seattle (WA)

40 – 41: Asia 4: Peace Corps (China, medical officer), Taiwan (beach bum)

41 – 43: Physician Assistant: Albany(NY), Wash DC: Emergency Med

43 – 46: Professor: Central Pennsylvania


47 – 50: Professor: Western Pennsylvania

51 – 58:  Clinical: Dermatology & Urology (Western PA)

59-present: Clinical Urgent Care (Western PA)



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15 responses to “Pictorial Autobiography & Posts

  1. Awesome post! What a great gift, to your children and your readers! I only wish that I could be as introspective.

  2. Hey Justin,
    Thank you for the compliment and for stopping in !

  3. Wow, this is amazing!

  4. @ Sir Edmund:
    Glad you enjoyed. Unless you mean, “Wow, this is an amazing display of self-centeredness!” 😳

  5. really great post! great to see so many pix of you in one place and get to know your journey a little more (and in order!)

  6. Very cool pix, Sabio – I did not go to the links but read the titles =- a fascinating life for certain. k.

  7. I am SO glad you shared the photos, the personal history and the poems connected to some of your antics. This is my favorite read of the day, as I sit at a window overlooking a lake-fronted forest in rural West Virginia.

  8. Very unusual as far as I know to find so much info and such a complete collection of one’s life and interests consolidated unless in book form. Lots of enticing fascinating topics.

  9. Justin Bonaparte, your first comment took the words right out of my thoughts.
    “Awesome post! What a great gift, to your children and your readers! I only wish that I could be as introspective.”
    You wrote: “I think it is fun to learn about the personal life behind a writer’s essays, poems or art.” and I agree.
    As a nurse, the Director of Nursing in a 40 bed nursing facility and then working as a charge nurse on various units in the Maine Veterans Home, Bangor..my primary post was the locked Special Care Unit..for veteran’s with various medical/psychiatric needs, I found the wto be true. I love to learn about them, not to be judgmental, but to know them better as people.
    Thank you for this post. I will take my time reading the posts I haven’t come upon when they were posted.
    I spent the first 14 years of my life in Wisconsin, then the next 6 in Brooklin Center (Minneapolis Suburb) ….I notice you studied in Minnesota … one of the most beautiful states I have lived in…Downeast Maine is much like where I spent my time growing up in those two states.

  10. atheistbelievers

    How fun, Sabio, thanks for sharing. I had more questions about your professional path that I thought I’d never have answered. I just needed to surf your site more!

  11. @ Siggi: thanx. Yes, out geographical and career paths have overlapped a bit it seems. It is good to get some poetry bloggers visiting too.

  12. Facebook could learn a thing or two about timelines if they bothered to look at this. Its certainly comprehensive.
    55 and have a daughter so young, late starter huh. 48 and already a grandad of 5 years, so early starter here. Not being religious in the slightest, I tend to shy away from anything or anyone remotely attached to religion, which could explain why I have not visited you before now? Yep, put me under the sympathetic athiest monika, that seems to fit well enough.
    I dread to think how long it must have taken you to put all this together, its an outstanding piece of work in its own right.

  13. Not bad for such a young fellow.

    But what have you don for us lately?

    (Only kidding!)

  14. Fascinating life journey (so far). Thanks for sharing this.

  15. Thank you Victoria.

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