When do you Flush?

I have made a discovery.  Only about 1 out of 4 people is an early flusher — well, at least according to the poll below as of Sept 29, 2011 .

S0, when do you flush?

  • Later flushers wait until they are all done peeing and then flush.
  • Early flushers try to anticipate when they will finish peeing.  They then try to flush so that just as the last bit of water is going down the toilet, they have just finished peeing.

I confess, I am an early flusher.  The downside of early flushers is that sometimes we get it wrong and have to decide: “Do I wait until the toilet is full enough to allow a second flush, or is it OK to leave that amount of pee in the toilet?”

So, take the survey below so we can see the numbers.  And then, if you feel gutsy, tell us why you do what you do?   Do you think early flushers have some shared personality trait?  Do you ever think of questions like these?

Several years ago I mentioned this to a friend.  He said he didn’t know which he was.  The next day he said he watched himself and realized that he waited until he was done peeing to flush — he was a late flusher.  Three weeks later my friend said he was angry at me because now he couldn’t pee without think about me and my question.

So why this post?

  • It is a practice in awareness — mundane as it may be.
  • It is trying to understand why some people question every day occurrences more readily than others.

But why “peeing” for God’s sake?

  • I think eating, defecating, sleeping, sexing, breathing, moving and talking are some of the most interesting habits to watch because we all do them and usually do them purely automatically.  Personal, visceral observations can help jostle the juggernaut of habit.


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22 responses to “When do you Flush?

  1. I’m a late flusher, and for a very simple reason. I don’t like to waste – which is what I would do if I missed time it and had to reflush.

  2. Oops … of course I meant if I miss timed it.

  3. You mention the downside of early flushing. Is there an upside?

  4. terri

    “Late Flusher” is a biased term. I think Correctly On TIme Flusher is much better.

    and “Early Flusher” would have to be Premature Flush-uation…

  5. JSA

    You could call me a “super late flusher”. I only flush if the urine to water ratio is high enough in the bowl, so it could be every other visit, or even every third visit if the preceding two are very light.

  6. CRL

    Late, for the same reasons as those above. A few seconds of time are worth a few gallons of water.

  7. CRL

    Wait…switch that around. A few gallons of water are worth a few seconds.

  8. Hahahah, good question! I’m early when I’m in the middle of a heated online game or something, and late when I don’t feel rushed.

  9. Jen

    Late flusher. And yes, I do think of these kinds of things.

    On another note, I tried scratching my husband’s back much longer than usual, but quit before he asked me to stop. Made me laugh.

    I’m enjoying this juggernaut of habit thread you’ve got going.

  10. Non-flusher

    Er… neither! I don’t tend to flush if I’ve only had a wee, it’s a waste of water. There’s that old mantra, attributed to Mahakashyapa I believe: “It it’s yellow, let it mellow. If it’s brown, flush it down.”

  11. FYI For new readers, my favorite scatological post is about wiping your butt – poop parochialism.

    Doug B :
    Do you dislike the waste of water or the waste of time?

    garicgymro :
    Upside of Early Flushing: the challenge, the play, the participation, the visual stimulation. Hmmmm, that is what comes to mind as I compare the two. Oh yes, if you are in a bathroom where others can hear the splash of your pee, flushing early can cover that up. (I have to remember to teach my son that!)

    terri :
    You are absolutely right — I struggled with labels. I could have done Rushed-Relaxed, but that is biased and does presumes mental states. Also, Early-Late may not be as biased as you imagine. It may be in the mind of the beholder. For instance: some people see “fashionably late” as far more preferable to partying going than those who like arriving a bit early. And when it comes to ejaculation, people hold opposite opinions depending on their desires. 🙂 [ that is what you get jumping into a men’s-only question 😀 ]

    JSA :
    Ahhhh, you allow for TINT — very nice! 🙂

    CRL :
    I assumed, you, Terri and all women would be late for the following reasons: (1) It is a little awkward to flush while sitting and standing mid-pee is awkward. (2) many flushed toilets splash the sitter.
    Thus I started the poll saying this question is for men.
    I think the women who jumped into answering this question tell us a lot about themselves!
    They refuse to be excluded from men-things ! 🙂

    Justin Bonaparte :
    Ahhhh, there we go. Funny! But the stats so far so >85% late flushers — I’m feeling isolated and embarrassed. 😉

    Jen :
    Here we go, another female commentor — love it! See my note to crl. Do you agree that is why almost all you gals would be Late?
    No one commented on the Juggernaut post so I was not motivated for a new post but I have several lined up. I will get another out for you. But before then, you have to scratch your husband’s back until he says “Stop!” or nothing is learned !! 🙂

    Non-Flusher :
    Yep, just like JSA says above. I thought of that. There are so many pee quizes waiting to happen.

  12. terri

    geez…”men only” question, huh?

    Well, let me give you a little advice…most women would prefer late flushers and flushers who simultaneously aim a little better rather than trying to “beat the flush” in order to save a few seconds of time.

    [That’s what you get for having a men’s only question…an unsolicited opinion and unwanted advice!] 😉

  13. Mike aka MonolithTMA

    I’m a late flusher, always have been. Now you should do a post on the courtesy flush. 😉

  14. Jen

    Yes, I suppose I’m a late flusher because of the inconvenient yoga it would require to flush mid-stream. Also, I do not let the yellow mellow because my fat cat Argus prefers the water in the toilet bowl to that in his dish.

    And all right, all right, I’ll try the back scratching experiment one more time. Gotta break these habits some time or die trying.

  15. CRL

    True, however, I’d guess that a male version of me would do the same thing. I think I may have unconsciously edited the “this is a question for guys” to “this is a question for you guys,” but your analysis remains spot-on! XD

  16. Earnest

    How about pre-flushing? I am not mellow about stale bodily excretions, either yellow or brown. I flush any toilet I stumble upon that appears in some way used. Go ahead and call me a neo-Roman but those ancient engineers invented the concept to get waste out of the home. I applaud that kind of old-school thinking.

  17. Pablucho

    Early flushing comes from the days when it took very long for the toilet to fill back up and there were several people waiting to pee. That way the toilet could start refilling quicker for the next guy.

  18. terri, crl & Jen:
    First — I must say: I am very priviledged to have great female commentors — especially ones that break through into the boy’s room !! SMile
    Love you guys!

    What is a courtesy flush? Flush so others don’t hear you tinkle? Or flush someone else’s mess?

    Pre-flush — indeed. Often needed if you live with conservation freaks. 🙂 (Or, as in your case, forgetful children)

    Very good point !! I saw that transition!

  19. The courtesy flush is flushing earlier than normal when doing more than peeing, so as not to leave a horrendous stench when you are a guest.

  20. And that is only a problem when ya got floaters, low water or high volume — like if you eat too much “mettamucil“.

  21. Earnest

    @ Mike: a related act would be the pre-toilet paper flush, so as not to cause a plumbing disaster with suboptimal toilet technology.

  22. Mike aka MonolithTMA

    @Earnest: Yes, indeed, that can also be considered part of the courtesy flush, since clogging a friends toilet isn’t exactly courteous. 😉

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