Table of Contents

Blogs offer us labels, tags and categories for organizing our posts but all of these are poor options. Blog archives are also not an inviting way to explore a blog.  I wager very few people click on these options to chronologically read a blogger’s past posts.

Table of Contents & Index Posts:

If you will look at my side bar you will see a “Table of Content”.  The links are to index posts where I have organized my posts not-chronologically, but by themes.  I also annotate the posts to help readers decide if they might enjoy the read.
See my post on Indexes here.

Using Index posts and a Table of Content is like turning your blog into a book.  It is much more reader-friendly and inviting.  Your posts will  not disappear if you use this method.

The advantages of the Table of Content method are many:

  • Helps you organize your thoughts
  • You can easily look-up your past posts.
  • Helps you refer back groups of posts when discussing in comments.
  • You can later use groups of posts to create a better summary or write a book or make a YouTube video. (one of my goals)
  • Cleans up your sidebar
  • Lets readers see what you think in a mere glance
  • Allows you to re-organize your blog easily.

For Mac users: I am using OmniOutliner as a tool to keep track of my table of content. I love this tool.

For WordPress Users:

To make a “Table of Content”:

  • Go to your dashboard — look down the left menu
  • Find “Appearance” and click on “Widgets”
  • Put a Text widget there and type in the HTLM codes necessary for the list.
  • Here is the HTML I use: <li><a href=””></a><li>.  If you don’t know how to do HTML, find someone to help you — but it ain’t difficult, trust me.

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