Blogrolls serve many functions:

  • to offer other sites to readers
  • to build community
  • to give your site  a greater web presence
  • to fill your side bar  🙂

I have just recently updated my blogroll to include recent new commentors. Please tell me if I have accidentally left you off my blogroll.  Oh yeah, and be sure to mouse-over the links to see more information about the authors.  Let me know if you want that info changed too.

Question to readers: Please leave a comment telling me how you found my blog and why you read it. And maybe a little about yourself. Thank you.



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9 responses to “Blogrolls

  1. I don’t know where I found your blog originally, but I can say that I really like the posts on Buddhism in particular. Or all the posts “deconstructing” various topics (e.g, what do people mean by “God”? It actually turns out to be a lot of things.)

  2. Haha. Love the illustrations of “blog roll.” By the by, just wanted to let you know I’ve been following you for a while now, but haven’t really commented. Keep up the great stuff!

  3. I am truly honored. Thank you.

    And just think: some day when I’m a famous blogger/writer, you will have the distinction of being the one who introduced me to the rest of the world. 😉

  4. I found your blog through D’Ma’s blog roll. I read because you share a wealth of unusual experience, a different perspective with solid reasoning, and an excellent, if peculiar at times, drive for deeper knowledge of the total human experience. Write on.

  5. I found you through planet atheism I think, I love your blog, being one of the more different ones, I mostly follow confrontationist blogs with no respect for religious belief or for anything like that (including alternative medicine), and I like the fact that you have an understanding of science, although there is a few out there (like PZ) they are surprisingly few and far between. Oh thanks for adding me to the blog roll.

  6. No idea how we met, but I am happy that we have. Do you remember?

    What keeps me coming back is your open-mindedness and seeing all sides of an issue and being open to new ideas and sides of an issue. While you’re solidly an atheist, you know how to talk to theists with grace and mutuality.

    For my site, you can put “At Odds” with the roll-over description being “A United Church of Christ minister meddling in affairs that should best be left alone.” I am honored to be on the list! Thanks!

  7. @ Andrew:
    “deconstructing” <– I guess I know that term, but I would not have thought it about myself until you mentioned that. Thanx

    @ Lari:
    Cool, I added you to the blog roll. I am assuming you are a skeptic. What aspects of my blog do you enjoy?

    @ Michael B:
    I plan to cash in on that. Keep writing!

    @ The Wise Fool:

    @ WIlliam:
    “Confrontational Blogs” <– interesting taxonomy!

    @ Zero1Ghost:
    I don’t remember where we me either. I think I found you through a comment you dropped somewhere. That was your old site in your seminary days which was great fun.

  8. Sabio- Yes! I am a skeptic (atheist, scientific pantheist who has a very religious background). I just love how you take such an open and compassionate approach to religion, but don’t allow bad arguments to fly.

    I also like your posts on eastern religions, as they are of interest of me. For example, I had no idea Buddhism had so many schools of thought, nor did I think that they would be all that much different until I read your last post.

  9. @ Lari
    Thanx. Glad you enjoy. It also encourages me to keep certain types of posts going.

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