Unbridled Ass

My son was working on vocabulary homework and needed a graphic for “unbridled”. I photoshopped this one for him but my wife vetoed it. But doesn’t it remind you of one or two bloggers you’ve met on the internet?


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13 responses to “Unbridled Ass

  1. George "Toad" Shope

    The alternative would be a pic showing the ring from ‘her’ finger being removed and given that, I prefer the ass. 😉

    Ribbit 😀

  2. Those are some nice chompers! I wonder who his dentist is! 🙂

  3. Earnest

    Hey wait a sec! What’s the origin of the word? I bet that this is the root of the allegorical meaning!

    Since he is your son and not mine, I encourage you to steamroll your wise wife on this one and push this ill-conceived project forward.

  4. @ Toad
    Now, now!

    @ terri
    Nice lipstick too, eh?

    @ Earnest
    Proto-Germanic: bregthan: to make sudden jerky movements from side to side –> O.E. bregdan: “to move quickly; pull –> O.E. bridel: “to throw up the head” (as a horse does when reined in).

    Thus am I reined in by the wife! Alas, I’m but an ass.

  5. Indeed it has that reminding effect. BTW, I was perusing Current Anthropology the other day and notice an entire open access issue that deals with the evolution of memory in hominins. You would probably like several of the articles. Let me know if you would like the link.

  6. @ Cris
    Did you just call me an ass?
    Yes, I’d love the link. I looked but did not find the issue.
    I also appreciate the other links you supplied chiding me for my poor methods. I intend to get around to them. Thanks again.

  7. Mildred Ratched

    I resemble that remark!

  8. Yes. Myself, actually. One when I’m aware that my family is reading my stuff, and the other when I throw all caution to the wind and blog about whatever the hell I want.

    Cute graphic though.

  9. George "Toad" Shope

    @ Sabio

    I thought my remark was ‘clean’ considering I also thought of a wedding night dismount. 😀

    I hope that doesn’t get me in trouble. 😮

    Ribbit 🙂

    Ps: I’m still mulling it over to try to come up with something else but your ass is really hard to beat. 😀

  10. MichaelB

    I can take a hint, but enough with the passive aggressiveness.

  11. @ Mildren :
    I am sure you are a cute donkey.

    @ Lari :
    Thanx — I love doing graphics! Family can bring out the best in us, eh?

    @ Toad :
    Wheeeeeew, I not going to goad you any more, Mr. Toad.

    @ MichaeB :
    You ex-Christians are always so sensitive! 😀

  12. jezibelle

    I am not sure how old your son is, but as a former 8th grade teacher, I would have thoroughly appreciated the graphic. As a Kindergarten teacher, not so much! 😉

  13. @ Jezibelle
    Indeed. He is 11 years-old. You are right, some teachers may have enjoyed it.

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