A Day of All-Ones

This morning I put up signs like this around our house.  I bought a special sweet treat for the kids.  And then tonight we will go out for Oriental food to celebrate A Day of All-Ones!  After dinner, I will announce to my kids that I expect them, in return, to take Mom and Dad out on A Day of All-Twos –>  2/22/22 .  I hope they remember.  Ah the joy of making our own specialness.  How will you celebrate today?

Hey, it is also a FULL MOON today.  The Gods are talking to us — numerology and astrology confirm each other.  And I suspect that at 11:11 am and 1:11 pm great things will happen in your day today.  Mark my words!

BTW, I am spending a lot of time working on another blog.  I actually posted something there today that I could not decide if I should post here or there.  Go take a look — “What should we do with Miracles?”  I think you will see why I have two blogs and I think you will see why sometimes it is hard to decide where to post.  Ah what fun!


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5 responses to “A Day of All-Ones

  1. I just added the Full Moon part to the post. My kids just woke up and are very excited about all this. My son wonders if there will be an eclipse somewhere in the world today.

  2. rautakyy

    I hear a great asteroid just barely passed by earth last night. Mere coincidence? Otherwise, I agree with italian novelist Umberto Eco, whose one character said that all nubers have a profound meaning and most have several. So, a numerologist may find any particular set of numbers important.

  3. Ah, an asteroid — dear Buddha, something is afoot indeed!

  4. CRL

    Oh, 11111111. So benign a superstition that you may even catch me making a wish, though without hope of the “magic” day will really make it come true.

  5. The kids loved it. Big success. And poking fun at superstition was a big part of it. Happy 11/11/11.
    We’ll do it again in 2/22/22!

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