Our Abode in Hell

Seeing the interconnectedness of otherwise different phenomena can often move me to tears.  With all the Christmas shopping that just occurred, I thought of the many people connected by the shared condemnation of the mindless masses: religious fundamentalists, green-meme activists and grinches.  Then, during my devotional readings, I ran upon this passage from the “Holy” Qur’an which probably typifies the feeling of all these righteous people.  I thought it would be informative for all of them to know they share much in common with people they otherwise mutually despise.

Let it not deceive you that those who disbelieve go to and fro in the cities fearlessly. A brief enjoyment! then their abode is hell, and evil is their resting-place.
— Surah 3: 196-7.


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6 responses to “Our Abode in Hell

  1. Well, shopping during the busy Christmas season definitely FEELS like hell …

  2. The Vicar

    I shudder to think what it will be like… trapped in a Walmart for all eternity. (Seriously: go to one of them sometime and just stand back and look. Every one of those stores I have been in — always against my will — is dirty, busy, disorganized, with cramped layouts, bad artificial lighting, and annoying background music, and the shoppers are divided between the excessively overweight and ignorant and the extraordinarily unhappy. If it turned out that there was a portal to hell in the back of every Walmart and that the damned shop there exclusively, the only thing which would surprise me would be the conclusive proof of the existence of hell.)

  3. Our lives on this planet are often a kind of hell. Trapped amongst sinners and a fallen world (of which we are complicit) is often very rough going. And many have it a lot worse than we do.

  4. @ Ahab & The Vicar
    I personally don’t enjoy shopping at all. But I don’t imagine those that do going to hell — for as you both say, they are doing their time in the mall. 😉

    @ Steve Martin
    Indeed many have it far worse than we do — far, far worse. And there are those who make their lives a hell of its own. And the natural world does its best to grant us horrors too. Yet we also have mind can that can allow us beauty and joys. May all share good measures of hope and joy while we are trapped surrounded by each other (all that we have).

  5. Amen to that, Sabio!


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