No Answers? No Problem!

My drawing above was inspired by David Hayward’s recent post called “Unanswered Prayer“.  David’s version, below, illustrates a common experience of many who have left Christianity and probably of most people who still call themselves “Christian”.

My version shows some of what distracts a person from noticing that there is nothing in the “Answered Prayer” plate.

David Hayward is a former pastor of a Christian church whose superb blog, nakedpastor, is creatively subtitled, “graffiti artist on the walls of religion”.  Please do visit his site, it is fantastic.  Davids honesty, openness and creativity are incredibly refreshing — and he knows his stuff!

My daughter is a budding artist and we often sit around and discuss David’s drawings.  This is the closest my daughter ever gets to Sunday School!


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5 responses to “No Answers? No Problem!

  1. darrenwong1859

    You forgot the part where Christians (or anyone who prays) regard “Status, Identity, Community, Comfort, Money, Marriage” as examples of “Answered Prayers”. 😉

  2. @ Darren: You gave me a good chuckle this morning! Thanks.

  3. I sometimes pray, sing a doxology, or quote a Bible passage just because it makes me feels good. My faith is, I don’t believe in anything – just because I can. And it makes me happy.

  4. Chris

    We prayed for a lady who had been suffering from shortness of breath for years. After we prayed for her she started jumping and smiling and breathing. She said it was the first time she could take a full breath in a long long time.

  5. @ Chris:
    The question is, 4 days later how was she. Was her situation really documented. Also, people can have symptoms relieved easily when they are suddenly optimistic or excited. People from every faith claim these miracles too — how would you explain them.

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