Play WeiQi ! !

  • The Name: WeiQi (Chinese) goes by many names:  “Go”(English), “Igo”(Japanese), “Baduk”(Korean).
  • WeiQi Beginner BooksJanice Kim’s Beginners series is great but there is plenty on-line stuff for those who don’t want books.


  • MEET GOD :  Why would I talk about a board game on this site — well, if there is a god, you can meet her in this game for sure !!  If math is the language of God, WeiQi is the Dance of God.
  • UNIQUE & “EASY” : It is unlike any other game you have ever played.  The rules are easy to learn but the implications are amazing and hard to comprehend.  So don’t venture in if you don’t like challenges.
  • BEST Strategy Board Game:  Best on the planet !  Yeah, it looks like Othello but that is a laughable superficial comparison.  WeiQi makes Chess look easy.
  • USE YOUR FULL MIND: It requires you to use both the analytic and the intuitive sides of your mind.  It mimics life in many ways that invites philosophical conversations after a game. I have several posts based on the game: see my index post here.
  • GRADUAL TRAINING & HANDICAPS:  It is a handicap game, so a skilled play can play beginners and both can have a fun game and both have a 50% chance of winning.Different Boards:  Beginners start on a 9×9 board to learn, progress to a 13×13, then a full board (19×19). Thus not overwhelmed in the beginning.


  1. Finish all the tutorials here.
  2. Do Basic Life-Death Problems
  3. Play against a computer
    • Careful here.  People and computers play very differently.  Only play against a computer until you can win with 3 or 4-stones handicap on a 9×9 board or 5-6 stones on a 13×13 board.
    • Smart Go is great for I-Phone.  Anyone know Android apps?
  4. Finally! Sign up to play with the huge, world-wide, all-levels, friendly on-line community:
    See up an account on KGS. Here is how:

    • Click on “Download the Client and SGF Editor”
    • Click on: CGoban for Java Web Start
    • Sign in and registrar.  This part is a bit tricky but if you can’t pull it off, WeiQi is probably the wrong game for you anyway!  (smile)
  5. Then, notify me by e-mail and we can meet and play.  On KGS my handle is “Mosquito“.  I am only 8 Kyu, many of you will beat me quickly! (sniffle)


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12 responses to “Play WeiQi ! !

  1. The Wise Fool

    OK, I’m in training. 🙂

    So what’s your rank?

  2. Nice ! Was my post that apparent?
    After reading part of your blog, I wager that you pass me in rank within 8 months! Don’t do it sooner, please — I have my pride to maintain.

  3. @TWF: I edited the post, thanx. I am only 8 kyu.

  4. The Wise Fool

    Not a chance of it! Just going though the tutorials I can tell this is one of those lifetime-to-master games. It’s beautiful though. Simple, yet profound. I’m looking forward to starting off like an albatross; far from gracefully.

  5. Yes, you are very right: “Simple, yet profound” “Lifetime to Master”

    But you may be wrong about passing my rank. Either way, it is great fun!! (well, for certain minds)

  6. I used to love playing Go. Haven’t played in years. Maybe I’ll look into it during my travels. There’s an open Go players group in Paris. I think anyone can just stop in and play. I’ll look into it when I’m there in April. Thanks for the online resources, I’m going to pass them along.

  7. Earnest

    I like the patterns I see in WeiQi. I have started to try to play semi-consciously to allow vague memories of previously observed patterns to come out. But Sabio can still beat me handily even with a significant handicap.

  8. @ Rowan
    Great, glad it helped. Join me on line sometime.

    @ Earnest
    Unfortunately the handicap system only works up to 9-stone difference in handicap. Since I am an 8-kyu, you have go get to 16-kyu or so to start winning in a consistent way. And you are almost there or there already !!

    2 Dan players beat me easily with 9-stone handicap. It is amazing how many levels of this game exist. Keep practicing on your phone!!

  9. PS – Rowan and TWF — I added a few more links and suggestions.

  10. Been studying up. I’ve never played before. But now I’m intrigued.

  11. @ Paul,
    Ah, another possible convert to the Cult of WeiQi. Welcome on board. Hope you enjoy it.
    Actually, I think learning to play up to about a 17 kyu is a great introduction. Even if you stop at 17 kyu (a raw beginner), at least you can say you have truly tasted the game. They, as a 17kyu, you could watch an 8 kyu like myself play and be dazzled. Just as I watch 2 Dans play and am equally dazzled.

    All to say, even a brief exploration is a cool trip too.

  12. CRL

    Hmmm. I should probably make a real KGS account. The few games I’ve played, it’s been on their equivalent of a guest account.

    I must say, though, I do greatly prefer playing in person.

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