Virtual Bible Study Tools

Please share any sites you feel are useful in studying the Bible.  I will collect a briefly annotated list on this post.  I put a link to this post in my “Table of Contents” in the right column of this blog so I can access it easily.

 On-Line Bibles

Parallel & Harmonized Versions



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3 responses to “Virtual Bible Study Tools

  1. Ow. My pride. What about my site, Sabio? :-p

    That’s only half joking. I am somewhat proud of my chapter-by-chapter Bible book summaries. It not yet complete, but it does have the entire Old Testament (except the non-narrative Psalms and Proverbs), and it is written from an accurate perspective of what’s in the text, not a skeptical bias (at least as un-biased as a skeptic can put together). But there are no hard feelings if you don’t want to include my work in the list. I just thought I would mention it for consideration.

    Another great resource which spans all religions is the Internet Sacred Text Archive.

    Two other sites which have good information, but that I have not used much, are Early Jewish Writings and, its brother, Early Christian Writings.

  2. Thanx, I will ABSOLUTELY include your site. thx. This will be a growing list!

  3. Skeptic’s Annotated Bible is not only an organized catalog of shocking Bible passages, but a fun read to boot.

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