Share Your Heart

by David Hayward (click)

David Hayward, a former pastor turned cartoonist, shared this Valentine drawing with us. David’s works are for sale and would make a great conversation piece in your home. Below are my Valentine reflections inspired by his drawing.  Please share your thoughts.

Yesterday I had a patient who always lets others see his heart. He has a mechanical heart with two large clear chambers on his chest for all to see: one chamber with sloshing, beautiful, oxygenated, red blood and the other full of swirling, purple, used blood. He wheeled a large suitcase with him that was packed with batteries and electronics that pumped his blood and keeps him alive until his transplant.

This young man lost his heart after getting a viral cold that killed his natural heart. Now he waited for someone else to die so he might live a bit longer.

This all happened to him 8 months ago. Yet he smiled, laughed and joked about the machine and acted as if nothing was odd. He spread happiness through out our clinic. He did not have one ounce of self-pity and everyone’s day was happier from just being with him that day.

He may not longer have a natural heart but he shares his real heart with everyone.


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10 responses to “Share Your Heart

  1. A great story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That patient’s story was wonderful. Thanks!

    More trivially, I’ll relate a recent moment I shared in the airport. An elderly woman was being wheeled by me as I sat with my laptop open before me. I looked up and caught her eye. I had a slight smile on my face, and she returned it with an even wider, brighter smile, which made me grin all the more too.

    Sometimes I wonder if we could change the world by just making a conscious effort to smile at everyone we meet. It sure makes me feel good.

  3. @ The Wise Fool,
    Glad you enjoyed. I agree, smiles are fun. And as you say, often we give them half-hearted because we just don’t want to take the chance. Then you die.

  4. Glad you enjoyed, Luke. I am sure you have many stories like this too.

  5. Jessica

    I work with children who have the odds stacked against them mentally, physically, or both. Seeing these kinds of displays of spirit is what keeps the job from being bleak. Why do most of us have to lose much to gain perspective?

  6. @ Jessica
    Indeed, those without human traits can teach us much about the limits of being us. I wrote about what one of the many thing dogs teach us here.
    Thank you for your example.

  7. Lovely story, and nicely told. Years ago some local cafe owners (who had bands play at their establishment sometimes) had their first child, sadly born with much of its heart missing. Since it was close to Valentine’s, they arranged a benefit for their medical bills. Usually this cafe was empty, but on that night people were spilling into the streets, donating money and listening to all the bands who played. The baby only lived 19 days but it really showed me what Valentine’s was about.

  8. @ amelie,
    Thanx. Yours was very touching. Thanx

  9. Awesome story, Sab!

    I’m actually a little surprised by your last line though – “He may no longer have a natural heart but he shares his real heart with everyone.”

    I’m glad to see no naturalist-zealots have jumped all over your use of words.

  10. Yeah, it was a nice story to be involved in.
    If you were surprised by my last line, then you have a bit of a skewed view of my use of words or perhaps I am being inconsistent. 🙂

    I use poetic language but try not to use it to obscure anything. I don’t know any “naturalist-zealots” that would jump on such language — do you?

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