Run Lola Run: Movie

Run Lola Run, a 1998 German Movie (“Lola Rennt“), is one of my favorite movies!  Creative filming and a story with redemptive value, the movie tricks you into suspecting the characters are flat, superficial people but as the plot unfolds or rewinds we see behind our prejudices — into other sides of them  and ourselves.

If you like plots that give someone a chance to see their life led in different ways, I also enjoyed:


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7 responses to “Run Lola Run: Movie

  1. Well, because I enjoyed both Groundhog Day and The Butterfly Effect, I’ll have to see if I can track this movie down. 🙂

    I dig an effective gimmick, even if it borders on being a little cheesy, provided it is properly explored.

  2. Groundhog day’s got nothin’ on Lola!! I absolutely LOVE this movie! Will have to get my copy out and watch it again, methinks!

    Have you seen Memento? It’s an intriguing film about a man who can no longer form new memories. He puts himself together each day by reading his own story, which he has written on his body. It has a similar, recursive feel to Run Lola Run – but is much darker. I suspect you’d like it.

  3. matheroni

    Thanks for reminding me of Run Lola Run, Sabio! (I do not know the two other films.)

  4. @Kerry: Yes, I enjoyed Memento too! You are right, Lola beats Groundhog hands down, but I loved Groundhog Day — I am an easy creature to please. 🙂

  5. DaCheese

    I love this movie too!

    I never could get into Butterfly Effect, though, not sure why…

  6. I think a lot of us would love some do-overs in our life, like Lola got in the film.

  7. @ Ahab, I can think of a few spots that would be nice to re-write. But as the film shows, you can never be sure if the outcome would be better.

    @ DaCheese, I have ordered the Butterfly Effect — will see if I like it.

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