Christian & Hindu Theme Parks

Entrepreneurs have long known of the profits they can reap from religious myths:

Hindu Water Park

  • Soon a huge new theme park will open just outside of Bangkok Thailand.  The Hindu myth of the Ramayana will be the theme for this water park.  See their new website here.

Christian Theme Park

Chinese Mythology Theme Park

Question to readers: Do you know of other such fun theme parks from other religions?



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6 responses to “Christian & Hindu Theme Parks

  1. That’s pretty cool!

    I used to live in Florida, and there I worked with an interesting guy who was quite a religiously conservative Christian, and yet he actually did put forth the effort to go to other religious ceremonies of non-Christian friends. So he was delightfully robust in religious experience (at least more so than most), even though he was fixated on the cross.

    Shortly after the Holy Land Experience opened, he told me he had purchased annual passes. That seemed pretty odd to me, but I suspect that it was more from the angle of wanting to support that kind of entertainment than actually wanting to visit it very often. Anyway, I got to thinking about what attractions they could possibly have, and I mustered up the courage to ask:

    “So, what do they have at the park? Holy-roller coasters?”

  2. I was driving through, I think, Appalachia, twenty-five years ago. I noticed the bumper sticker on the car ahead of me. In big friendly red cursive letters, it said “Smythe’s Funland”—or something like that. (This story would be better if I could remember what it said.) The style of the lettering was similar to the Coca-Cola logo. The bottom tail of the capital S had a loop in it an a barb at the end, so it looked like the tail of a cartoon devil.

    “How nice!” I thought. “A Satanist family amusement park!” This thought was completely unreflected; it arose as soon as I noticed the tail. It was accompanied by a warm feeling of “something for everyone, isn’t that great.”

    A second or two later another unreflected thought arose automatically: that this was, sadly, implausible. There are not enough nice Satanist families for an amusement park to cater to them. And perhaps there would be some resistance to such a thing from certain other religious quarters.

    At this part the rational part of my brain woke up and decided that something was wrong. I looked harder at the bumper sticker and found that there was, in fact, no barb at the end of the devil’s tail, and I had hallucinated the whole thing. The odd thing was that if I looked at the whole bumper sticker as a gestalt, the devil’s tail continued to pop out as an ineluctable feature—though it was not there.

    I filed this under “things, odd, inexplicable”. It came to mind occasionally thereafter, and I wondered rather if I’d dreamed the whole thing.

    A decade later, I was driving through the same general area, and saw a bumper sticker advertising a Satanist family theme park. Exactly the same series of mental events occurred—despite having had the experience of un-seeing the devil’s tail before, and knowing there could not be such a thing as a Satanist amusement park.

    In other news, Bodhanath (Kathmandu) is a Tibetan Buddhist amusement park, although not very amusing. I gather that Bodhgaya is a Buddhist amusement park, too 😦

    I’d much rather visit a Satanist one; that could be fun!

  3. Whoa! I just went over to take a quick glance at The Holy Land Experience.

    On their front page, the first Attraction listed is the Scriptorium, which apparently features the key Bible text Lorem ipsum dolore sit amet.

    I’m speechless… there are too many possible jokes to make at this point…

  4. Ah, I see: the Ultimate Holy Mystery, Lorem ipsum dolore sit amet, is only revealed if you view their web site with Javascript turned off.

    (I only turn Javascript on if I trust a site and it doesn’t work with it off.)

  5. @ TWF: Cute !

    @ David Chapman :
    Great story ! Fun trip in the hallucinating normal mind.
    A Satanist park may be more fun and certainly more redemptive. I wonder if there are vampire or zombie parks given all the popular media on the issue this last decade. You could be a consultant.

    Wow, thanx for the “Lorem ipsum” tip. I had to read on it and learn.

  6. Oh no! Bad fundamentalists! You can take my reproductive rights, you can take my Sunday liquor sales, but for the love of all that is holy (heh), please don’t take satire from me!

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