Ramayana: A Children’s Book

From my Ramayana series:

Each night, before bed, I am reading my 10 year-old daughter  a Hindu Epic:  The Ramayana.  We are reading highly abbreviated version with lots of pictures: “The Story of Ramayan: The Epic Tale of India” as retold by Bani Roy Choudhry.  For a taste of this fun 138 pg book you can see a few pages on Google Books here.

I supplement our readings with my experiences in India, talks about our dear Hindu friends and our temple visit.  Also, I have read another retelling of the Ramayana by William Buck which helps me expand this version.

We aren’t limited to Hinduism, of course.  I have also read several Bible stories to my daughter and so she is also enjoying a mini-comparative mythology course.  She has an artist temperament and loves stories and writes her own all the time.  She is having fun letting these new images influence both her writings and drawings.


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