Rama used Nuclear Weapons

From my Ramayana Series!

In the Ramayana, Rama used devastating magical weapons to fight Ravana. Below is an article by an Indian chemistry professor who thinks that Rama was actually using nuclear technology. You see, it is not only some Christian scientists who reason well in one realm of their lives but who partition off part of their brain for their religion where they turn off some logic switches.

Below is the short newspaper article describing this brilliance.  I will supply links to supplement your reading. The article is from yesterday’s Deccan Chronicle — an English language newspaper in Hyderabad, India. “Deccan” implies “South” India — remember my post on the North-South Divide?

The Mahabharata and the Ramayana recount many examples that indicate our ancestors had knowledge of nuclear energy thousands of years ago, according to a paper presented in the ongoing national conference on emerging trends in nuclear and chemical technology, at Gitam University here.

The descriptions of weapons such as brahmastra and pashupatastra, which could annihilate several thousands or trigger drought, could only be imaginable in nuclear terms, said Mr K.V. Murali Krishna, chemistry lecturer at Silver Jubilee Government College, Kurnool.

Indian mythology, especially the Vedas, Smritis and Puranas, are storehouses of valuable technological and ethical knowledge offering breathtaking insights hidden in Sanskrit verse, said Mr Krishna’s paper, titled The glimpses of chemistry and technology in Vedic literature.

“Though it is evident that a knowledge in nuclear science existed in ancient India, people should also realise that their use was bound by high values of ethics. (It) calls for only ‘favourable’ and ‘protectional’ use of such extreme energy,” Mr Krishna said.

Starting his journey in the 1980s, Mr Krishna has studied rare scripts and publications, and interacted with Sanskrit scholars, to better comprehend the issue.
(Deccan Chronicle, April 4, 2012)

Note: Here is an other article with a deeper spiritual spin on those sacred weapons.


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7 responses to “Rama used Nuclear Weapons

  1. The idea that ancient “magical” civilizations (including those described in religious writing) were actually high-tech is a favorite notion for Japanese cartoons, so much so that it has become something of a cliche.

    My favorite title in this genre is Spriggan, by Hiroshi Takashige (art by Ryoji Minagawa). The first couple of volumes of the comic were translated into english by Viz Media, and there’s a movie which is also available (but it’s pretty terrible, and focused almost entirely on a big fight, rather than the cryptohistory stuff). As I recall, plot points include:
    – The ancient high-tech civilization was worldwide, and ended in a cataclysmic worldwide war.
    – Relics from the civilization are all over the world, but there is a huge conspiracy to keep this a secret. Nevertheless, every government and terrorist in the world wants to grab a relic and use it to conquer the planet.
    – Nearly all religious writing is “true” for a given value of true; the examples in the first few books are:
    1. Noah’s Ark was one of the weapons used in the cataclysmic worldwide war; it is a ship which contains bioweapons (including the dinosaurs, who — it is implied — were not naturally-evolved creatures) and can control the climate to cause devastating storms
    2. Likewise, the weapons used by Rama are real and still around; they are large-but-handheld energy weapons which harness ESP (which of course exists) and are extremely powerful
    3. Jesus was really resurrected by the Holy Grail, which is a device for copying and restoring human minds/souls. (And the plot arc with this has, naturally, a clone of Hitler getting “restored”.)

    Fun stuff, if you like cheesy conspiracy theory fiction.

  2. @ The Vicar,
    That is fascinating about the Japanese manga. I wonder if any Japanese bought into the world and created “A religion based on blatant fiction”.

  3. This was one of the points of Hindu scriptures that the Ancient Alien theorists touched on as proof that aliens had imparted advanced technology to our ancestors, or at least had used it in their presence. (They also mentioned the Vimāna.) It’s rumored, in at least the circles of the conspiracy theorists (which sometimes overlap the Ancient Alien theorists), that at least two ruins of old settlements in Pakistan (Harappa and Mohenjo-daro) have elevated levels of radiation and other seemingly-nuclear-blast-related findings, but there seem to be no reputable sources claiming the same types of evidence which I have seen yet.

    I did come up with one theory for the origin of such a myth spawning from an accidentally catastrophic discovery of nuclear energy. Imagine ancient people living in an area where highly radioactive ore was found in the area. Perhaps someone found a “warm” stone giving off its own heat. Perhaps this was made into a god, or an offering for a god. Then, over time, each villager who found one of these rocks picked it up and brought it to the same altar. As they brought more of these magic rocks, the pile got hotter, and maybe even glowed; a sure sign of the divine power within. Eventually, though, they put one too many of these magic rocks in the same place and presto! Critical mass! And the catastrophic end of a village… Add time. Stir in superstition, myth, and storytelling, and suddenly you have ancient nuclear weapons.

  4. I love this! Personally, I always have liked the idea that we may have reached this level of technological development before and then made the wrong choice. There is something about it that appeals to me. Anyway, if you find that you enjoy cryptohistory like I do (in the way one enjoys fantasy novels, of course), check out this site: http://www.world-mysteries.com/

  5. Ben

    It certainly makes for interesting story lines. I like the idea of ancient advanced civilizations, but I am not convinced by the archaeology. Unless their technology was based on a more biodegradable materials, I would expect to find a lot more “machines” in ancient cities. I just don’t think 2 million years of humanity is enough to totally erase all signs of a technologically advanced society.

  6. @ The Wise Fool,
    Dude, I think you could pile up uranium ore a mile deep not reach critical mass. First, you need U235 and temperature and a few other things are needed. But I ain’t no physicist.

    @ James,
    Actually, I have never be a fan of crypo-histories. I have fallen for a lot of stuff in my days, but never that stuff — not sure why, because I have the mental defects to have bought into it at one point! 🙂

    @ Ben,
    I am not convinced by any archaeology either. Like I said to James, I have never even been tempted by these ideas — though I find it interesting to understand why people do believe. And even more, what type of people believe.

  7. @Sabio
    🙂 I ain’t no physicist either. I hadn’t actually researched how practical that theory was yet, but based on my (poor) understanding, I don’t think that you would need a certain temperature, or U235. It comes down to being able to “capture” enough neutrons which were split off from the natural decay process to instigate a self-sustaining criticallity of decay. The bulk and impurities of the ore may indeed make it impossible, but, hey, it’s probably a more likely theory than ancient aliens using nuclear weapons here. 😉

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