Ramayana Sources

To enjoy my Ramayana posts, reading the book may help.  This post lists both online and hardcopy versions and other resources. Click “more” to see the following:

  • Translations & Re-Tellings
  • Fiction based on the Ramayana
  • Films based on the Ramayana
  • Website Resources
  • Scholarly Works

Translations and Re-Tellings:

  • Buck, William (1933-1970): Ramayana (Amazon) (461 pg).  A re-telling.
  • Chowdhari, Bani Roy: The Story of Ramayan: The Epic Tale of India. (140 pg with many illustrations). Hemkunt Press, New Dehli.  Good for older children.  A re-telling (Google Books).
  • Dutt, Manmatha Nath.  The Ramayana.  Translated into English Prose. 1891.  (Free PDFs)
  • Dharma, Krishna. Ramayana: India’s Immortal Tale of Adventure, Love and Wisdom (460 pgs) Pilgrims Publishing, 2004. (Amazon)
  • Goldman, Robert. The Ramayan of Valmiki. An Epic of Ancient India Vol 1-6. Princeton Univ. Press 1990. (Princeton University Press) (Amazon – many out of print).  This is the most scholarly.
  • Griffith, Ralph  (1826-1906) (wiki) a poetic translation.  Indology scholar who used Max Müller’s 6-volume Sanskrit edition.
  • Macfie, JM.  The Ramayan of Tulsidas (260 pg). Pilgrims Publishing 2007. (Amazon)
  • Menon, Ramesh: The Ramayana: A modern Retelling of the Great Indian Epic. (720 pg) North Point Press, 2003 (Amazon)
  • Mitchell, PR. Ramayan: India’s Classic Story of Divine Love. (260 pg) Publ: iUniverse.com, 2009 (Amazon)
  • Narayan, R.K. (1906-2001):  The Ramayana: A shortened Modern Prose Version of the Indian Epic. (192 pg)  Publ: Viking Adult 1972 (Amazon). Based on the version by Tamil poet Kamban in the 1100s AD.
  • Patel, Sanjay:  Ramayan: Divine Loophole.   (186 pg – lots of gorgeous illustrations) Publ: Chronicle Books 2010. (Amazon)
  • Prime, Ranchor:  Ramayana: A Tale of Gods and Demons.(147 pg) (Amazon)
  • Prime, Ranchor: Ramayana: A Journey (160 pg) (Amazon)
  • Rajhaveshananda, Swami: Ramayana for Children. (44 pg) Vedanta Press, 1989. (Amazon)
  • Rajagopalachari, C. 1951: Ramayana (477 pg) Publ: Vharatiya Vidya Bhavan. (Amazon) Very popular in India
  • Rao, Desiraju Hanumanta & Murthy, KMK.  Valmiki Ramayana. Complete with transliteration. Free On-line
  • Ray, Maya: Children’s Ramayana (Children’s Ramayana Series) (Amazon) on Kindle.
  • Sharma, Bulbul. The Ramayana for Children. (198 pg) Penguin, 20004. (Amazon)
  • Souhami, Jessica. Rama and the Demon King: An Ancient Tale from India. (36 pgs with lots of pic) For kids. (Amazon)
  • Subramaniam, Kamala: Ramayana. (695 pg)  Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, 2009. (Amazon)
  • Tulasidas.  RamaCharitaManas (1576 AD) (The Ramayan of Goswami Tulasidas). Free PDF with side-by-side Awadhi (a Hindi dialect) and English.  Also here.  Wiki about the Author and the Work.  Tulasidas changed Valmiki’s original (300 BC?) to reflect his Bhakti ideals for Rama.
  • Venkatesananda, Swami: The Concise Ramayana of Valmiki (424 pg). State Univ. of NY Press, 1988.(Amazon)

Fiction based on the Ramayana:

  • Arni, Samhita: Sita’s Ramayana. Moyna Chitrakar (Illustrator) (152 pg) Groundwood Books, 2011. (Amazon)
  • Neelakantan, Anand: Asura: Tale of the Vanquished.  Ravana re-explored. (website)
  • Vijayendra Mohanty and Vivek Goel: Ravanayan. Ravana revamped! (website)
Films/ Animations based on the Ramayana:
  • Paley, Nina (director): Sita Sings the Blues (1 hr 22 min) Free on YouTube , or buy it on (Amazon). A funny  mix of Ramayana details, author’s life and woman’s rights issues – read the Wiki article.  Very well done.  If you don’t know the story, the various versions or the controversies of the translation, this fantastic film will seem very crazy.
  • Sagar, Ramanand (director): Ramayana, 1987: The complete series (16 DVD) 78 episode TV Series. (read about in Wiki): Based on all three: Valmiki’s, Tulsidas’ and Kamban’s versions. Natraj Studios. Actors: Arun Govil, Deepika, Dara Singh, Arvind Trivedi.  Hindi with English subtitles. (Amazon)
  • Sagar, Ramananda (director): Luv Kush.  Follow-up on Sagar’s popular TV series.  This covers last book “Uttar Kand” – focusing on Ram’s children Luv and Kush. Subtitles in English (Amazon)
  • Sako, Yugo (director) Ramayana – The Legend of Prince Rama. Japanese animation. (Amazon)
  • Hanuman: kids version (Amazon)

Ramayana Website Sources:

Scholarly Works on the Ramayana:

  • Ramanujan, A.K..  Three Hundred Ramayanas: Five Examples and Three Thoughts on Translation. This caused a huge controversy in India in 2012. (PDF)
  • Richman, Paula.  Many Ramayanas: The Diversity of a Narrative Tradition in South Asia. (280 pg) Univ. of Calif. Press, 1991.   (Free on-line UC Press, Amazon)
  • Singh, Sherry-Ann. The Ramayana Tradition and Socio-Religious Change in Trinidad, 1917-1990. . (336 pgs). Ian Randle Publishers, Jamaica, 2011. (Amazon)

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