Consider hiding your links

For bloggers and commentors who don’t know how to use HTML, I am writing this short post to teach one important HTML tag to help beautify your comments. If you share a link in your comment without using  HTML, it looks a bit messy like this:

Sabio: Please consider visiting my blog :

But with a simple HTML tag or two, it cleans up nicely to this:

Sabio: Please consider visiting my blog

Here is how to do it:

  • Step 1: type the HTML skeleton  <a href=””> <a>
  • Step 2: add the URL <a href=”address here“> </a>
  • Step 3: add the words <a href=””>words here</a>
  • Final Product: <a href=”address here“> words here </a>

So in our example, the final product would look like this:

Sabio: Please consider visiting <a href=””&gt;my blog</a>

The code may look sloppy, but once you submit your comment, the blog makes it beautiful.  NOW you are an HTML Coder!  Congratulations!

Finally, let’s add two more beautification tags – the bold tag (<b></b>) & the italic tag (<i></i>) . If you add the bold tags around the word “Sabio”  and the italic tags around “Please” your comment will now look like this:

Sabio: Please consider visiting my blog

Isn’t that gorgeous?  It may look scary when you put it all together, but with a little practice, it comes easy. The advantage to learning these simple HTML tags is:

  • It beautifies the comment.
  • People may not copy and paste a link, but they will click on it.
  • People may respect your comment more because you took time to make it attractive for readers.

Go ahead, practice the HTML and leave a link in the comments!  And FYI: I made a simple diagram to say the same in another post here.



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11 responses to “Consider hiding your links

  1. Beauty is everything! 🙂

  2. Beauty makes sharing content easy, content gives beauty substance! 😉

  3. a href= is definitely one of the most worthwhile html codes to learn how to use, especially for long links with lots of code in them. I wish the syntax wasn’t so convoluted, though I have it memorized now. Ugh, looking at this comment, I bet it gets caught in your spam filter…
    [I fixed your code, ATTR]

  4. @ ATTR,
    I fixed your code. You illustrate another pet peeve of mine: links without appropriate explanation of where the links go. Warning to readers, ATTR’s links are all junk. 🙂

  5. LOL! I almost did the same thing ATTR did. 😉

  6. I’ve tried to memorize the a href= thing, but I’ve decided my brain just has too much information in it to hold yet another. I usually go over to my own blog, start a new post, write what I want to link, link it, then copy and paste it or I get lazy, say “to heck with it”, and post the big, old, ugly link which nobody probably ever looks at. 😉 But you’re right, the hidden links are much more aesthetically appealing.

  7. I really prefer links which have the URL as the text of the link, such as this:
    “I found this post via Planet Atheism (” That format means you can copy and paste the text (or print it) and not have to worry about losing the URLs.

    There are two things which you did not mention, though, which I hate:
    – URL shorteners like tinyurl: I’m so tired of spammers and trolls using those that I never follow such links any more. If you can’t give me a real URL, then I can’t be sure you’re legit.
    – Redirection services, such as the ones Google now uses: same deal. They screw up your browser history, too — links I follow from Planet Atheism were embedded in the page as “” so the browser doesn’t remember the real URLs, it remembers the redirection link. If I remember the URL and start to type it into the browser’s location field, it doesn’t autocomplete. This enrages me — particularly because Google didn’t do this in the past and does now.

  8. atimetorend

    Hey Sabio, one man’s “junk” is another man’s treasure!!! :^)

    @Mike: Great minds think alike! And sometimes your’s and mine do too…

    @The Vicar: you are exactly right about the tinyurl links. That’s exactly why I used them in my example above, I didn’t think Sabio would visit the Twinkies site if I had the full url in there. :^)

  9. First point: Sabio, thanks. I appreciate you posting this. I left Blogger because of html problems (the posts came out as one gigantic paragraph because I could not seperate them – looked really bad). I used to be good with html but got rusty at it.

    One thing I use all the time for not-overbearing emphasis is italics. Way to do that….? Pretty please? 😉

    Okay, here’s my attempt. Feel free to laugh your ass off at me. Sabio, check out this website. Hyperbole & 1/2

  10. @ ATTR & Mike:
    I think the saying goes: “Great minds stink alike.”
    ATTR – man you are on a roll in this thread. You had me laughing at work!

    @ D’Ma :
    Nicely done. Wow, that sounds like a lot of work — “A” for effort.

    @ The Vicar:
    Great points. I actually scroll over a link before I click it so I can see the URL for the reasons you mention. But as you see, my faith in ATTR stung me.

    @ amelie:
    As you can see, I fixed up you comment. You simply skipped step 3 in the post. You forgot to add the words between the tags. BTW, And code put between this symbols “” is called a tag in HTML.

    I then deleted your mistake entries — now your comment looks brilliant !

    I re-edited the post to include instruction about italics for you. I love re-editing posts depending on readers responses. In this case, if you made a mistake, I assume because I wrote poorly. So hopefully my new post is more clear.

    (3)Hyperbole & 1/2
    Interesting blog of cartoons. I must say, I have seen it before but it is not my style of humor. I am funny like that — I have lots of friends who like Monty Python, for example, and I don’t at all. But I am sure other readers will love it — no accounting for taste! 😉

  11. Sabio, thanks a million! I think I’ll practice on my own blog in the comments section of some old post so I can delete them later. This will make a huge difference. I depend on italics in email and posts to create emphasis without hitting someone over the head. Well explained for those of us without much experience. Cheers!

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