Couch Surfing Europe

I’m off to Europe for a month-long Dad-Son vacation. My son is 12-years-old and has just finished 6th grade. He and I will land in Amsterdam and then slowly, with no real plans, make our way to Munich.  After the trip, we will return to debrief with my wife and daughter for a shared whole-family vacation on the beaches of New Jersey. Then in 2 years, my plans are to do the same with my daughter when she is 12-years-old — a Dad-Daughter vacation to a country of her choice.  Insh’allah
When I was 19 years-old I went to Europe to study German and then hitched (without money) slowly to India. This will be a much safer version of that trip for my son and I. We will start our journey with some Couch Surfing in Amsterdam. If you haven’t heard of this organization, check it out. When I have told friends and acquaitences of our plans, the vast majority say they’d be scared to death of this sort of trip and would never do it. I can only laugh — people’s intutions are so different from each other. Sure, there is danger — I guess I know that. But we worry about dangers, people’s opinions, uncertainties and then, next thing we know, we are old and then we die. A life of worry and properness — yuck!

I wager folks visiting this blog are not a reflective sampling of my social circles. But let’s test that wager: In the poll, let us know how you would feel about such a trip.

Our trip will actually begin with a meet-up in Philadelphia with a fellow blogger  and commentor who I met on-line through this blog — “A Time to Rend”.   We have kids the same age and plan to do some rock climbing together. This will be our first person-to-person meetup.   Have any of you met up with folks you have met through blogging?

 Since over the next month, I am not sure how much I will blog, I thought I’d put up this post to explain my possible sparse posting. But who knows, I may still wake every day at 4 am and find blogging the best activity until my son wakes up.

If you have any suggestions for things a 12-year-old boy may enjoy in Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, southern Germany or Austria, let us know!



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11 responses to “Couch Surfing Europe

  1. beckoninghorizons

    What a great adventure! I wouldn’t do this type of trip alone, but definitely would with a friend. But then, I’ve always had the “wander lust” and love hitting the road – and do, whenever I’m able (not much, lately). 😦

  2. What a way cool thing to do! Some friends of mine went backpacking through Europe(they’re in their 50’s) and I was uber jealous I couldn’t make the trip!

    I met my fiance online playing an interactive game and in a couple of weeks I’m planning to meet up with a fellow blogger who will be coming somewhat close to where I live for work. Can’t wait to meet her!

  3. Curt

    I can not say that I understand this couch surfing thing.

  4. Curt

    There are many Meuse see ums in Germany where there is a village of traditional arcitecture from the region set up which include many displays of old proffesions that have died out in Europe such as Tanner, Black Smith,
    or Weaver.
    There is also a rebuilt Roman Castle north of Frankfurt that is quite large with many displays of Roman Handi crafts in it.

  5. My wish for you and your son is for a safe and exciting trip.

  6. jeffchr

    I am thrilled about this trip. Love everything about it. Be safe you two, but not too safe.

  7. Fantastic, you get my vote for Dad of the Year. My daughter is 9 now, so this is on my bucket list for things to do before she grows up.

  8. Sounds like an awesome time! I have met 3 bloggers in real time. The experiences were mixed; some I could chat with better online than in real time. Go figure.

    Awesome idea about the trip; travelling blessings!

  9. Would you like to adopt me?

  10. Regarding Coffee: Don’t ever drink coffee at a german autobahn. In Frankfurt there are two places with good coffee: “Kaffee Wacker”, just look it up in the internet, and the espresso bar in the “Kleinmarkthalle”. The general rule still says: Never try an espresso north of the alps.

  11. TWF

    Sounds like a wonderful adventure! I’m on the fence with the couch surfing. On my first and only Euro-trip I’ve taken so far, I stayed at a number of hostels. I’ve since thought if/when I go back, I’ll skip the hostels and go for hotels now that I can afford it.

    However, there is a side of me that can appreciate the idea of couch surfing. If I had no special itinerary, or if I had lots of spare vacation time, I could see doing that. Maybe. 🙂

    Museums are incredible over there, but there’s only so much museum stuff a 12 year old can take. The Deutsches Museum is a must if you make it to Munich; it’s everything you could ever want in a science museum, and it has a incredible mining exhibit unmatched anywhere in the world. Vienna was one of my favorite cities from my trip, but I do like art, and coffee, and they have really nice public parks and flower gardens.

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