Fermenting Your Post

Some folks quickly jot down their thoughts and publish their blog posts all in one sitting. I do that too sometimes. But giving our posts time to ferment can be helpful. Setting our writings to the side for a day or more can give our minds time to explore, nurture and ripen our original thoughts.

This post was going to be a short aphorism capturing a theme of Triangulations. But after four days of fermenting, several versions emerged in my mind and I am not sure which version is best. Which version do you think has a better feel?  And please do criticize — I learn best that way!


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12 responses to “Fermenting Your Post

  1. Depends on your confidence level I believe.
    If I’m confident that what I’m writing is good, I publish right away. Otherwise, I let it ” ferment “.

  2. TWF

    Serve it raw if you are going for feeling, journal-style. Let it ferment if you are going for a controlled, metered, accurate, etc. post. I definitely find that a day can make a critical difference, and so I try to allow for at least one day, time demands permitting.

  3. Like Quantumtheory, it depends on my confidence level. I publish pretty close to immediately if I think I’ve got a good post.

  4. I’m definitely a fermenter…at least 24 hours, and sometimes two or three days. I sometimes find myself in a quandary while writing. I begin with a very strong premise (belief?), thinking, “this won’t take long,” yet at some point I realize I don’t have any idea of what I’m saying or why. Then I spend hours exploring and rewriting. Then I have to put it all aside long enough to make sure I still agree with myself later.

  5. @ Paul Sunstone:
    Yeah, many folks I read do more of a journal-style blog. They tell us what they feel.

    @ Paul Gerhards:
    I find fermenting helps too. But sometimes fermenting only makes bad ingredients smell worse. Arghhh, no easy answers.

  6. That could be the case, Sabio. I tend to come up with topics by surfing the net, reading things, and then asking myself what I think about them at the moment. That is, I consciously avoid trying to find a final or permanent opinion. So, in that respect, yeah, I’m blogging a journal.

  7. Yeah, Paul Sunstone, and blog-journal folks tend to hook up with each other and comment on each other’s blogs — kind of like a Coffee House get together and exchanging essays. As your blog title apply implies.

  8. I think your blog is a bit more thought provoking than most of the blogs I come across. I enjoy it a bit more than most.

  9. Thanks Paul, so can I apply to get on your blogroll?
    I wish I had more time to read, research, write and re-write and research more. I am thankful to readers who keep me honest.

  10. Actually, you’re already on my blog roll. Been there from the beginning.

    Look under the list of “Miscellaneous” blogs. You might have to click on the “Show All” button, depending on how recently you’ve posted, but you’re there.

    The “Miscellaneous” blogs are the creative, eclectic blogs.

  11. Ah, you have to click “Show All” to see less recent posts. Good system.

  12. Joanie Louth

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