Atheist Child’s view of Sacrifice: Humor

My kids and I often play a game called “Dictionary”.  In the game,  I randomly open a dictionary; pick a word; tell the children the first letter of the word; tell the part of speech; then read the definition slowly. The first child to guess the word wins.

One of today’s words went like this:

The word begins with an “S”. [noun], “giving something to a god as an offering.”

Both children yelled out their answers simultaneously:

“Sacrifice!” said my son.
“Stupidity!” said my daughter.

They were both right!

Note:  This should not be offensive to Christians since they no longer believe that Yahweh likes the smell of burned animal flesh — Jesus’ sacrificed flesh ended that.  Jews also don’t sacrifice any more because their Temple is gone, though Orthodox Jews and others long for sacrifices to return (see here).  Muslims, on the other hand, fill their streets with goat blood on the several holidays (see this Eid).  But to their credit, they eat the sacrificed goat (and often give to the poor).  They don’t waste it in fumes wafting up to please the nostrils of Allāh.


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8 responses to “Atheist Child’s view of Sacrifice: Humor

  1. Well it seems that a short post does not always attract any comments either.
    Perhaps it’s true that size doesn’t count after all? However, given the choice,I recommend to go with a big one.

  2. Indeed, not sure why noone commented, but I guarentee you it had nothing to do with length.

  3. This is kind of cute, Sabio. 🙂

  4. @Sabio.
    I’m always wary of guarantees. Especially, as in this case, when such a refrain is uttered without at least offering up a plausible alternative. 😉

  5. @ the warrioress:
    Yeah, I thought so too. It is nice that a Christian could see the “cuteness” in it that I saw without being unduly offended. Thanx

    @ Ark:
    Sorry, mate, I have no idea what you meant. I ain’t too bright sometimes. Please spell it out a bit more for me. “refrain”?

  6. @ Sabio.
    The childish allusion to a certain appendage seems to have sailed over your head. *Sigh*, seems the belief that former Christians not only lose their religion they also lose some of their sense of humour is no phallusy after all? 😉

    Seriously. Re:your comment…
    If you guarantee it had nothing to do with length, but don’t know what the reason for no comments, then how do you know for sure it wasn’t the length?

  7. @ Arkenaten:
    In my comment policy I ask commentors to:

    Interact with the Post: Stay on the posted topic as best as possible. Say something to related to the post specifically. Do not use the comment section as if it is your own blog.

    I will ignore irrelevant humor (especial purile humor). And your first comment was totally unrelated to the post. You joking cut about lack of humor will also be ignored. I use this blog to discuss, not for chatting.

    I don’t care to talk about lengths of posts here. We can talk about the content if you wish.

  8. This was the comment you left on one of my posts.
    “Goodness, that was long, no wonder no one commented! Wow.”
    Hence my first comment on THIS post.
    If you are unable to see the relevance (and humour, which may have been absent from yours?) of my comment could you explain the relevance of your own? Or, even talk about the content of my post?

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