Qi vs. The Holy Spirit

With proper expectations, needs begging to be filled, vague sensations and a good imagination, we can have amazing experiences! (Special thanx to my daughter for her drawing and approval of this post. She calls this girl “Wisdom Girl”.)

This cartoon hints at how similar mechanisms can be used in both religion and some non-religious domains like acupuncture, QiGong, FengShui, Martial Arts or others which talk about mysterious external Qi.

Supplemental Posts:  you may need to read these other posts to truly understand this one:



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4 responses to “Qi vs. The Holy Spirit

  1. Hmmm… If the Three Treasures in Taoism are Jing (sex essence), Qi (Vital Breath), and Shen (spirit/consciousness) and the Holy Trinity is Jesus, Holy Ghost, and Big Daddy, I suppose the Ghost is most like Qi! I haven’t matched them up to the Three Muskateers, however…

  2. Fascinating blogg, needs more time than I have just now. I shall return!

  3. @ ancientwaykevin: Funny!

    @ David King: Welcome. Looking forward to your return

  4. This is greatly interesting!
    I am both a little bit surprised (and disgusted) with myself for not making this connection between Qi and The Holy Spirit, but both a martial artist (black belt in Taekwon-do) and frequenting my acupuncturist.
    I am also (very) recently written a series of posts on my blog, one of which dealing with the Holy Spirit, making connections with Hinduism’s ‘atman’ and ‘paramatma’, and even its potential at Gnosticism’s “Divine Spark”.
    I can’t believe I missed the entire Qi concept!
    (Check it out: http://pieceofburlap.blogspot.ca/2012/12/most-high-god-part-iii-personified-state.html )

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