The Pope’s Silly Saints

The Catholic Pope has just canonized 813 Italian Christians who refused forced conversions to Islam by Turkish Muslims in 1480. Yep, he magically transformed those poor souls into sainthood.

I wonder what his great Holiness thinks of the Pagans killed for not converting to Christianity under Theodosius I in the late 4th century. Or maybe present day Pagans could elect their own Popish leader to make saints of the 4,500 Germanic Pagans murdered by Charlemagne during his orders for forced conversions to Christianity.

The list goes on. The Medieval era saw much slaughtering of non-believers by the dear Church. The Spanish Inquisition in the 1400s saw Muslims and Jews tortured and slaughtered for not converting.  Consider the Jesuits (the Pope’s club) who in the 1500s tortured and killed Indian Hindus in the Goa Inquisition and destroyed their temples.

So, making saints of Christians who refused to convert to Islam is a joke.



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6 responses to “The Pope’s Silly Saints

  1. Selective memories.

    We all do it.

  2. CRL

    But of course it makes sense! The Christians were martyred for clinging to the true faith, whereas the others were killed in just punishment for clinging to false beliefs.

    Funny how people act when they are not allowed to consider the possibility that they might be wrong.

  3. TWF

    Well, you know, now that we have world peace, and no one is starving or in utter poverty anymore, what else has the Pope got to do? 🙂

  4. @ Lydia :
    Indeed we do!

    @ CRL :
    Of course! Why do I always forget that.

    @ TWF :
    That is true — the priority of heavenly truth is so much more important.

  5. Ugh. The Catholic Church loves to cherry-pick history.

  6. Please take a look at my recent posting on the subject of saints and, of course, feel free to comment.

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