Theists view Atheists with Digust

disgust“Atheist” is a dirty word in America and the idea is repugnant in much of the rest of the world.  And since I am an atheist, I sometimes publicly embrace the term in order to fight that religious bigotry.

On returning to the USA after a decade in Asia, I was surprised to have religion in my face — I had pleasantly forgotten that side of America. But worse than people trying to convert me, was the moral disgust and avoidance most American’s feel toward anyone labeled “Atheist”. I never really thought of myself as an Atheist until I was told, with repugnance, over and over by believers that I was one. And so, to fight their ugliness, I decided to identify with the word. See my post here though, on how the label “atheist” is silly.

Below I will compile some links to posts confirming and exploring theist repugnance toward atheists.

Epiphenom Science Research Reviews

Further reading: See my other Personal Morality posts here.



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7 responses to “Theists view Atheists with Digust

  1. As atheists we are always being called on to justify why we insist on doubting the existence of god, but surely it’s Christians who should be proving their religion to be true. If I claimed I could fly it would be up to me to prove it, not others to disprove it. Im making the claim for something ridiculous that no one can see, not them.
    If christians want to believe something, go ahead, but they shouldn’t automatically expect everyone else to go along with their tosh (foolish nonsense).

  2. @ EFS,
    “The burden of proof lies on the miraculous claimant” is a well known atheist defense which I am partial too also. But many of my posts emphasize that religious belief is often about far more than empirical claims though if false claims should be made, demanding proof is indeed called for when those claims demand we change. But again, I’d say most religious folks don’t care about a systematic, consistent theology.

  3. It’s fascinating the way that the same people who insist on a narrow definition of atheism in the context of debate tend to see atheism in any political stance that doesn’t defer to their own version of Christianity. Their beliefs are largely control mechanisms.

  4. Hey, Daniel, not sure I followed that. Care to elaborate, be specific and use shorter sentences. 🙂

  5. Boomslang

    “I never really thought of myself as an Atheist until I was told, with repugnance, over and over by believers that I was one.”

    Isn’t it ironic that we wouldn’t even need a name for those who disbelieve in “God”/gods if it were not for those who do believe in them. Hmmm

  6. James Powers

    I don’t identify with either. both sides can not answer the question. What was there before the big bang? That being said I lean toward science. Organized religion has been the biggest black eye in the last 2000 years. I done my own research on the 3 major religions. The old testament was not writen down for 400 years. The new testament was a little better. Nothing was wrote down for 90 years. It took another 300 years before the bible was fought over until the dominate one was chosen. There were 12 books on the bible. When all was said an done 4 remained. Now imagine 90 years and 400 years of word of mouth. Hell I can’t remember what I did last week. With science I refuse to believe there was nothing before the big bang. The final statement is prove it. That may never happen.

  7. @ James Powers:
    Your comment does not discuss the OP.

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