My Petty WeiQi Gripes

Placing_Go_StoneUnderstanding an author’s personality, helps you weigh his/her writings.  So to round out your understanding of me, I thought I’d show another side of myself:  I am a petty person, full of unnecessary silly gripes.

For example, I play an inappropriate amount of an on-line board game called WeiQi — see my other posts here.  And here are just some of things that piss me off about some on-line KGS WeiQi players:

  • Selfish Players (~):
    players who have a tilde(~) next to their rank tells us that they rarely play ranks lower than themselves.
    They are selfishly only concerned with your own rank. As a penalty, KGS attaches a tilde to your ranks so we can avoid selfish players. I will play tildes free — it help me avoid a tilde of my own while not rewarding their selfish behavior. See more here:
  • Game Scammers:
    players who mess with komi and handicaps (others don’t, why do you think you are special?)
  • Lack of Aesthetics:
    players who don’t use avatars (avatars beautify KGS)
  • Lack of Creativity:
    players who make handles with letters and numbers without meaning (seriously, be a bit more creative or I won’t play with you)
  • Rudeness:
    make violent or rude handles (this one is obvious, I ban them)
  • Arrogance:
    use handles with “Dr” in their name (seriously, relax, you ain’t no Dr. when you play WeiQi!)
  • Time Wasters:
    don’t list the ranks they want to play (1k – 13k) in the game offers (please don’t waste our time)
  • List Makers:
    make “pet peeve” lists and use emoticons   🙂

Questions for Readers: So, what are your pet peeves about blogs?


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One response to “My Petty WeiQi Gripes

  1. Popups. I despise being interrupted when I’m in the middle of reading a blog post or article, and I’ve unsubscribed from more than one blog that uses this form of advertisement.

    Other than that I am a very easygoing reader. 🙂

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