Conway’s Game of Life

This will become an Index to posts on Conway’s Game of Life.

Lwss_smallIntroduction:  Like Hinduism, Conway’s Game of Life played a large role in undoing the religious thinking that permeated my thinking in my early 20s.  When we leave anything behind, we often do if for many ‘reasons’ — not a few of which we were blind to.  As I have written about religion the past four years, I have seen some of those invisible players in my life.  Conway’s Game of Life was one of them.

Question to Readers:  What are some of the invisible players you have discovered years after leaving something?

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2 responses to “Conway’s Game of Life

  1. Ian

    Very excited to read your posts about the Game of Life. It represents something important in my theological journey too. I keep meaning to write a post about natural teleology, which is where I find GoL to be most significant.

    I’ll link to your first post from my blog too, because I know at least one of the commenters on my blog is very into ALife type issues.

  2. CRL

    I too am pretty excited for this series. The invisible force of senioritis prevented me from finishing my code for the Game of Life, or pretty much anything else due in May, but you may have inspired me to drag that one back out so I can do more than stare at my empty classes while sitting in an empty class.

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