A Skeptic’s Wisdom


Note: sketched up while on a couchsurfing venture in NYC with my daughter!



Filed under Philosophy & Religion

5 responses to “A Skeptic’s Wisdom

  1. TWF

    I like it! 🙂

  2. @ TWF & Anna: thanx — yeah, just a thought that popped in my head.

    BTW: I may have created an optical illusion in the graphic inadvertently too – with concomitant, serendipitous. philosophical implications:
    When written in same font, “Doubt” barely filled its circle — so I increased its font only. The result looks balance — only because the word “Knowledge” is long. See the deep implications? 🙂

  3. TWF

    Ooh, deeeeep man. 🙂 Heavy on the doubt brings yields true wisdom from knowledge.

  4. The gullible and the cynics never quite get that.

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