Christian Bunkers

Today, David Hayward did this fantastic cartoon showing how a huge percent of Christians still use their Bibles to this day.  My comment below, shows how I agree with David and applaud his seeing behind this use of a scripture which he confessed to once having abuse in a similar way.  Because of the long history of book-abuse and the Bible’s outdated messages (see my prev. post on using the Bible to support Government), I think it is critical for transforming Christians to take great care in the use of their Bibles and God-language.  Many don’t even recognize how its terrible ugly anchors, due to millennium of horrible abuse, still resonate even when a they do not consciously intend such effects. Below is my message to David on his blog, to (perhaps unreasonably) push liberal Christians to take yet another step: to understanding words and how we cling to them and use them.

David, your creative genius never ceases to amaze me.

You capture so much in this cartoon — so much!

Thousands and thousands of years of Christianity are based on a book and the battle of verses. Thus, to call anything “Christianity” that forsakes that, is false to a great [infamous] tradition. I can understand fundamentalist mentality — so secure and so afraid.

And I understand liberal Christians’ frustrations: they realize the silliness behind scripture worship and exclusivism — but they still desire strongly to be called and recognized as “Christian”: with all the sense of belongingness, of history, Christian privilege, social status and perceived uprightness it affords. How I wish that those that see the Bible fortress could see their “Christian” fortress: their great attachment to the title “Christian”!



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2 responses to “Christian Bunkers

  1. Bob Saye

    Some of us would as soon be called Followers of Jesus or something like that, but we find no more agreeable association in the world than some Christian churches.

  2. @ Bob Saye
    I didn’t really follow that. Being known a “Followers of Jesus” wouldn’t tell us much because, all sorts of people doing very different things claiming to “follow Jesus” make the phrase problematic, don’t you think?

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