Atheist Degus

DeguAllow me to share a funny story:

For a year my daughter has raised Degus – a rodent native to South America. They are very cool animals in that they are very smart, highly social and are not nocturnal (so they don’t wake you at night). They are very interactive and generally friendly. Male Degus, unlike other rodents, actually help raise their young. They have bubbly, curious personalities and make lots of different, interesting communication noises (15 apparently). Makes you want to get one, doesn’t it?

Degus usually don’t bite but may if you are trying to catch them after escaping their cage. One of my daughter’s two Degus bites occasionally but only when cornered in unfamiliar territory. But those bites hurt. Yet, with lots of handling, patience and care, these animals are fantastic pets and won’t bite.

My daughter realises that she does not spend as much time as she should with the Degus and so has decided to “re-home” them. She is sad about this but feels it is best for the animals and herself. My wife and daughter are great animal lovers and are searching diligently for a good family — not just any family. They advertise our Degus on Craig’s List, but they screen applicants carefully. They want the perfect home for our Degus.

Recently a man answered our ad and my wife carefully explained to him our desire to put the Degus in a good home. In fact, my daughter insists we drive to the home of anyone who wants to adopt, to be sure the Degus will be safe and happy.  Hearing this, the man agreed.  During their e-mail exchanges, my wife asked the potential adopter if Sunday was a good day to visit, and the man told us that he is a pastor of a church and he usually is not free Sundays. On hearing this, my daughter laughed and said, “Does he know that these are Atheist Degus”?

Commentary: When you consider that Christians have tried to fire me from jobs because they feared I brought in the devil’s thinking to their practice or that our family has lost friends when the other families discovered we were atheists.  You may understand the source of my daughter’s “humor”.


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6 responses to “Atheist Degus

  1. I know, Sabio. We’re anti-christs, devil followers and child abusers. (rolling eyes) Ignorance isn’t bliss, it’s annoying.

    Thanks for the post, it was nice to learn about your daughter’s pet.

  2. spectraghostseeker

    I hope you find a good home for the animals, whatever creed they may follow!
    I once thought it would be nice to have a chinchilla, but they require a lot of attention. For me, cats are the best pet, because I have a chaotic schedule and so long as they have food, water, and a litter box, they’re pretty well set.

  3. @ Charity :
    No one can see the ugliness of a Christian’s use of “atheist” than us ex-Christians, eh?

    @ spectra :

  4. I’m getting a mental image of the pastor leaning into the degus’ cage, telling the rodents, “What do you mean, you haven’t accepted Jesus as your savior!?”

  5. Ahab, you seriously made me chuckle!

  6. Funny you should say that Ahab, recently they don’t want to run in their exercise wheel but find greatest pleasure sitting in their woodchips singing hymns.

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