Staring at Poopin’ Pups

I’ve separated this post from the previous one and added questions at the end:

I have lots of scatological posts because I think discussing the unseemly can offer much insight by pulling us out of the routine and into inconvenient honesty.

Pooping Pups

Raising dogs over the years, I have noticed that when a dog is pooping, people will stare. They will not just stare at the dog, but right at the dog’s anus — they watch the poop come out.  I’ve even done informal surveys on this and people admit doing watching.  Then I follow-up by asking: “When you catch yourself watching, have you ever felt a bit guilty about staring at the dog’s anus?” — to which most shyly confess, “Yes”.

So, take the poll below and see what percent of your fellow readers here are dog-anus-watchers.

Question for readers:

  • So, lookin’ at the stats, it seems there are those who look and those who don’t.  What is your theory for the difference?
  • And concerning lookers, why do you think you look?

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